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And What Do You Do?

Book Description

Would you like to find work that uses all your skills and passions? That can help you experience a great work/life blend? And that is flexible enough so you can thrive in difficult economic times?

If your answer is yes, we encourage you to consider a portfolio career - essentially, doing two or more jobs for different employers.

It begins by reframing work around you and playing to your greatest strengths. Part-time, full-time, working for yourself and/or for an organisation, the choice is yours. In the UK, at least a million people are already experiencing the benefits of a portfolio career. In 10 practical steps, this book encourages you to explore another way to find health, happiness and fulfilment in your work.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Portfolio of acknowledgements
  6. Introduction: There is another way
    1. ‘And what do you do?’
    2. Who have we written this book for?
    3. Every job is now ‘temporary’
    4. Flexicurity
    5. What are the facts?
    6. Who might be attracted to portfolio careers?
    7. Why is portfolio working becoming more popular?
    8. The pluses of a portfolio career
    9. The minuses of a portfolio career
    10. The pluses of portfolio working for employers
    11. There are other kinds of career
    12. How do you create a portfolio career? The 10 Steps
    13. The structure of this book
  7. Step 1 My portfolio career: Is it for me?
    1. Questionnaire
    2. SUMMARY
  8. Step 2 My money: Can I afford a portfolio career?
    1. Four ‘how to’ strategies
    2. Love your accountant
    3. CAN DO: What do I spend?
    4. CAN DO: What am I getting out of life for my money?
    5. CAN DO: So how do I cut down on my spending?
    6. Tips to save money
    7. Getting financial support
    8. Learning to ask for money and managing your cashflow
    9. Next steps
    10. SUMMARY
  9. Step 3 My motivated skills: Work I am good at, enjoy and am proud of
    1. Grunt work and great work
    2. CAN DO: List your achievements
    3. CAN DO: Rank order your achievements
    4. CAN DO: What are the most common motivated skills?
    5. CAN DO: How many of your motivated skills are you using now?
    6. SUMMARY
  10. Step 4 My values: What makes me want to work?
    1. CAN DO: What are my work values?
    2. Changes in work and life values
    3. SUMMARY
  11. Step 5 My ‘selves’: Who am I going to be today?
    1. As if by magic – Mr Benn
    2. CAN DO: As if by magic
    3. SUMMARY
  12. Step 6 My networks
    1. What has networking ever done for us?
    2. Networking events
    3. Speed networking
    4. Events
    5. Taster/part-time courses
    6. Longer full-time courses
    7. Work experience
    8. Are you ready for networking?
    9. Who can help?
    10. CAN DO: My support networks
    11. Keep connecting
    12. Over-egging the Webtastic pudding?
    13. Social networks
    14. Explore your work fantasies…
    15. SUMMARY
  13. Step 7 My portfolio
    1. CAN DO: What’s in your portfolio?
    2. CAN DO: Other jobs you’ve done
    3. CAN DO: What do I love to do in my spare time?
    4. CAN DO: Mind mapping your way to revenue
    5. Tips for managing your career portfolio
    6. CAN DO: Populating your portfolio
    7. Using motivated skills to find work
    8. Yes, but…don’t you also have to have some luck?
    9. Yes, but…is it too late to radically change the way I work?
    10. Yes, but…I don’t have enough experience
    11. SUMMARY
  14. Step 8 My story
    1. Why tell stories?
    2. A good story…
    3. CAN DO: Create your story
    4. CAN DO: Creating your stories
    5. Storytelling makes you more confident
    6. SUMMARY
  15. Step 9 My brand
    1. CEO of Me Inc.
    2. World recession
    3. Web 2.0 – the Web changes everything
    4. Welcome to your new CV
    5. Your website…
    6. It’s good to blog
    7. Why read blogs?
    8. How to find great blogs
    9. Blog alert
    10. Got something to say?
    11. What do I write?
    12. Blogtastic: some notable blogs
    13. Other blogs we rate
    14. How will they find you?
    15. How do I find out how many people are visiting my blog?
    16. Log the blog
    17. Using Twitter
    18. Marketing my brand
    19. SUMMARY
  16. Step 10 My portfolio career: Next Steps
    1. Bringing it all together
    2. Managing your future
    3. CAN DO: Using your own ‘time machine’
    4. If a portfolio career is for you, read on!
    5. Manage your time and work flow
    6. CAN DO: How are you managing your time right now?
    7. Managing your energy
    8. Managing pressure and stress
    9. Managing transitions and change
    10. The seven stages of transition
    11. Tips for managing your transition
    12. Learning from ‘failures’
    13. CAN DO: What I’ve learned from my ‘failures’
    14. CAN DO: What have I learned today?
    15. SUMMARY
  17. Final thoughts
  18. Resources
  19. Appendices
    1. Value cards
    2. About Hugh MacLeod
    3. About the authors
  20. Index