Chapter 10

Creating the Task Detail Page

In This Chapter

arrow Create the TaskEditActivity and TaskEditFragment

arrow Using the FragmentManager to start fragments

arrow Creating click listeners and starting activities

arrow Saving fragment state and restoring it later

arrow Transparent status, action, and navigation bars

arrow Using the Palette library

This chapter continues the Tasks app that you started in Chapter 9. You’ve already built a rudimentary list view for the app; now it’s time to allow users to create and edit tasks.

This will require the following steps:

  • Create a new activity and fragment to allow editing and updating tasks.
  • Allow users to click on items in the list to open them in the editor.

Creating the TaskEditActivity

First things first, you will need a new activity to hold all this editing goodness. Right‐click the com/dummies/tasks/activity folder and select New Blank Activity. Input the settings ...

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