Chapter 1: Android Basics

Which Version of Android Do I Have?

Setting Up Your Android Device

Getting a Google Account

What Makes a Good Password?

Synching Your Device with Your Account


The Home Screen

The Applications Launcher

Organizing Your Applications

The Notifications Bar

The Action Bar

Device Settings

Wireless and Network Settings


Silencing Your Ringtone

Orientation and the Accelerometer

Lock Your Device

Securing with a Pattern

Securing with a Passcode


Text Input

Multitouch Keyboard


Device Information


Chapter 2: Applications

Using the Android Market

Searching for Applications

Downloading and Installing Free Applications

Paying for Applications

Amazon Appstore for Android

Downloading and Installing Applications from Other Sources

Keeping Applications Up to Date

Chapter 3: Your Home Screens

Adding Application Shortcuts to Your Home Screens Pre-Honeycomb

Adding Application Shortcuts to Your Home Screens in Honeycomb

Adding Widgets to Your Home Screen

Organize Your Home Screen Shortcuts with Folders

Changing the Wallpaper

Stock Wallpapers

Media Gallery

Live Wallpapers

Chapter 4: The Phone

Adding Contacts

Managing Contacts on Your Computer

Organizing Contacts into Groups

Calling a Contact

Manually Dialing Numbers

Using Favorites

Speed Dial

Using the Recent List

Voice Dialing

Calling from the Browser

Using the Speaker Phone

Conference Calling

Google Voice

Installing the Google Voice App on Your ...

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