Chapter 11

Making Money with Your Game

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out your competitors

arrow Understanding different monetization methods

arrow Choosing the monetization method that’s best for your game

You’ve got a great game design, the tools to implement it, and it’s nearly ready for publication. If you took the long view before you started designing, you thought about whether you wanted to try to make money from your game, or even start a fledgling business. Maybe you just want to make games for fun and share them with the world for free. But if you do want to try to monetize your game, the first thing to do is to know the market — ­especially your direct competition. Then you can decide the best way to monetize your specific game and implement a plan to do so. In some cases, this means using a third-party SDK to serve ads in your game. In others it means using the Android SDK, though some methods don’t require any additional code at all.

But first things first. How (or even if) you decide to monetize may come down to an assessment of what else is already in the marketplace, so that’s where we’ll start.

Knowing Your Competition

The very first thing to do is to fire up Google Play ( ...

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