Chapter 11

Digitally Social

In This Chapter

arrow Sharing your life on Facebook

arrow Sending pictures to Facebook

arrow Text chatting with Google Hangouts

arrow Doing a Hangouts video chat

arrow Tweeting on Twitter

arrow Making an international call with Skype

Social networking is that 21st century phenomenon that proves many odd beliefs about people. For example, it’s possible to have hundreds of friends and never leave your house. You can jealously guard your privacy against the wicked intrusions of the government, all while letting everyone on the Internet know that you’ve just “checked in” to Starbucks with your friend Jane to have an iced mocha Frappuccino. And you can share your most intimate moments with humanity, many of whom will “like” the fact that you’ve just broken up or that your cat was run over by the garbage collection service.

Share Your Life on Facebook

Of all the social networking opportunities, ...

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