Chapter 23

Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Help

In This Chapter

arrow Cleaning the phone

arrow Keeping the system up-to-date

arrow Checking the phone’s battery usage

arrow Making the battery last

arrow Dealing with problems

arrow Finding support

arrow Answering common questions

Maintenance is that thing you were supposed to remember to do but you didn’t do, and that’s why you need help and troubleshooting advice. Don’t blame yourself; no one likes to do maintenance. Okay, well, I like maintaining my stuff. I even change the belt on my vacuum cleaner every six months. Did you know that the vacuum cleaner manual tells you to do so? Probably not. I read that in Vacuum Cleaners For Dummies. This book is Android Phones For Dummies, which is why it contains topics on maintenance, troubleshooting, and help for Android phones, not ...

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