One Last Bit of Flickr Data

No matter how you choose to open Flickr’s photo page, you need to get its URL first. If you look at the JSON data you are currently receiving for each photo, you can see that the photo page is not part of those results.

      "photos": {
        "photo": [
            "id": "9452133594",
            "owner": "44494372@N05",
            "secret": "d6d20af93e",
            "server": "7365",
            "farm": 8,
            "title": "Low and Wisoff at Work",
            "ispublic": 1,
            "isfriend": 0,
            "isfamily": 0,
          }, ...
      "stat": "ok"

(Recall that url_s is the URL for the small version of the photo, not the full-size photo.)

You might think that you are in for some more JSON request writing. Fortunately, that is ...

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