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Android Testing with JUnit and Espresso

Video Description

How do you ensure your Android application works as expected? This video will show you how. We will cover both JUnit and Espresso Android testing frameworks. JUnit automates unit testing, a test method that ensures the small units of logic within our application works correctly. Espresso, created by Google, is a User Interface (UI) library to ensure the UI works as planned. There are three videos within this Android testing series:

  • Android Testing Introduction. This first clip in the series introduces the field of Android Testing and explains the purpose of both JUnit and Espresso.
  • JUnit. This second clip in the series covers the JUnit framework and you will learn how to automate your unit tests. This video is hands-on, and we will explore a number of testing functions including average, sum, and search.
  • Espresso. This third clip in the series covers Espresso UI testing. This video is hands-on, and we will add Espresso test functions to some of the primary UI elements.

Table of Contents

  1. Android Testing Introduction 00:06:17
  2. JUnit 00:30:33
  3. Espresso 00:30:37