Time for action - creating a fast food menu

To continue with the food and eating theme, let's build a simple application that allows us to order various types of fast food, and get it delivered! The user will first select where they want to order from, and then select the various foodstuffs that they want to eat.

  1. Create a new android project using the Android command-line tool:
    android create project -n DeliveryDroid -p DeliveryDroid -k com.packtpub.deliverydroid -a SelectRestaurantActivity -t 3
  2. Open the /res/values/strings.xml file in your favorite editor or IDE.
  3. Create a string-array structure listing the various fast-food restaurants our users can order from:
    <string-array name="restaurants"> <item>The Burger Place</item> <item>Mick's Pizza</item> ...

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