Time for action - creating the button images

In order to build the button images in this section you will need to download "The GIMP" (available at http://www.gimp.org). It's perfect for this sort of image creation or manipulation and has the added advantage that it's open source.

  1. Open "The Gimp", and select File | New to create a new image.
  2. Change the width and height to 38x38 pixels.
  3. Open the Advanced Options and change the Fill With option to Transparency so that there is no background color.
  4. To help with sizing, zoom in to about 800%.
  5. Select the Rectangle tool in the top-left of the toolbox (the default keyboard shortcut key is R).
  6. Enable the Rounded Corners option and set it to 5.
  7. Enable the Fixed option and select Size in the drop-down list.

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