Migrating Angular 1 apps

If you have been working extensively on Angular 1, Angular 2 poses some pertinent questions:

  • Should I migrate my Angular 1 apps to Angular 2?
  • Is the framework ready for prime time?
  • When should the migration happen?
  • Is the migration one-shot or can it be done in an incremental fashion?
  • What is the effort involved?
  • Can I do something today that helps with the migration in the future?
  • I am starting with a new Angular 1 app today. What should I do to make the migration seamless in the future when Angular 2 is released?

Every such query needs be addressed to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. No one like surprises later in the game! In the coming sections, we will try to answer a number of such questions. As part of ...

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