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Angular Complete

Video Description

Achieve an in-depth knowledge of Angular and practice building and deploying powerful Angular applications. There are nine clips in this video series:

  • Angular Basics. This first clip in the series covers how to install and launch Angular. Create a new project using Angular and learn more about modules and components.
  • Typescripting in Angular. This second clip in the series covers typescripts, including classes, variables, interfaces, generics, and directives.
  • Angular Components and Databinding. This third clip in the series covers components and passing data between components.
  • Angular Directives. This fourth clip in the series covers built-in directives and how to create your own custom directives. We explore both structural and attribute directives.
  • Angular Routes. This fifth clip in the series covers routes in detail, including passing data in path routes, redirecting using link, and protecting routes with CanActivate. Query parameters and fragments are discussed, along with Wildcard routes.
  • Angular Pipes. This sixth clip in the series covers pipes in detail, including how to use built-in pipes and create custom pipes.
  • Angular Forms. This seventh clip in the series covers both template-driven and reactive forms. Also learn how to display validation messages and create custom validations.
  • Interacting with the Server. This eighth clip in the series covers how to set up a Firebase server and an HTTP client. Learn how to send form data to the server and how to get the data from the server using an API and display on a webpage. We also cover interceptors.
  • Deploying on Amazon S3. This ninth clip in the series covers how to deploy Angular applications on Amazon S3, including setting up AWS S3 for static site hosting, building the project using Angular, and deploying to the server.