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Angular Fundamentals

Video Description

Learn the basics of the Angular web application platform. There are six clips in this video series:

  • Angular Overview. This first clip in the series introduces Angular and explains its value in developing maintainable client-side web applications.
  • Creating Applications. This second clip in the series shows you how to set up the Angular environment. We will cover the steps for creating a new project and explore how to define themes. You will run your first Angular application.
  • Creating Components. This third clip in the series focuses on components and how to use them in your projects. We will create relations between components and use them to build a structure for the project. We will discuss the lifecycle of an Angular application.
  • Adding Routing. This fourth clip in the series focuses on routing and how to navigate the different pages in an application.
  • Incorporating Style. This fifth clip in the series explores various styles such as CSS, and how they help make objects more attractive. We will apply CSS within each component.
  • Interacting with Elements. This sixth clip in the series discusses how to interact with elements and how to perform binding and reference elements inside a component. Directives and templating will be covered as well.

Table of Contents

  1. Angular Overview 00:05:28
  2. Creating Applications 00:20:34
  3. Creating Components 00:08:25
  4. Adding Routing 00:19:16
  5. Incorporating Style 00:37:53
  6. Interacting with Elements 00:17:44