<javadoc> and <javadoc2>

First of all, note that the <Javadoc2> task is deprecated. The <javadoc> task enables you to run Javadoc on a set of source files. There are numerous attributes (see Table 4.46), but the attributes that are supported are dependent on which JDK you’re running Ant with. For a more verbose description of some of these attributes, see the Javadoc home page at http://java.sun.com/j2se/javadoc/.

Table 4.46. Table of <javadoc> Attributes
Attributes Description
sourcepath [**] Specifies the location of the source files.
sourcepathref[**] Specifies a reference to a PATH defined elsewhere that is to be used as the source path.
destdir (unless a doclet is specified) The destination directory for the Javadoc output.

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