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Anywhere-Anytime Signals and Systems Laboratory: From MATLAB to Smartphones, Second Edition
Nasser Kehtarnavaz, Fatemeh Saki, and Adrian Duran
ISBN: 9781681734491 paperback
ISBN: 9781681734507 ebook
ISBN: 9781681734514 hardcover
DOI 10.2200/S00879ED2V01Y201810SPR015
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Lecture #15
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Print 1932-1236 Electronic 1932-1694
Signals and Systems Laboratory
From MATLAB to Smartphones
Second Edition
Nasser Kehtarnavaz, Fatemeh Saki, and Adrian Duran
University of Texas at Dallas
gan publishers
A typical undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum incorporates a signals and systems
course. e widely used approach for the laboratory component of such courses involves the
utilization of MATLAB to implement signals and systems concepts. is book presents a newly
developed laboratory paradigm where MATLAB codes are made to run on smartphones, which
most students already possess. is smartphone-based approach enables an anywhere-anytime
platform for students to conduct signals and systems experiments. is book covers the labora-
tory experiments that are normally covered in signals and systems courses and discusses how to
run MATLAB codes for these experiments on both Android and iOS smartphones, thus en-
abling a truly mobile laboratory environment for students to learn the implementation aspects
of signals and systems concepts.
A zipped file of the codes discussed in the book can be acquired via the website http://si
smartphone-based signals and systems laboratory; anywhere-anytime platform for
signals and system courses; from MATLAB to smartphones

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