Anywhere Computing with Laptops: Making Mobile Easier

Book description

You bought your Centrino laptop computer because of its ease-of-use and portability. But are you using your laptop to its maximum potential? Anywhere Computing with Laptops: Making Mobile Easier will show you what to expect when buying and configuring your laptop and how to use built-in features such as digital cameras and Internet telephones. When you're on the road, there are hotspots that will allow you to connect to multiple national networks for access to data and the Internet. This book will show you how to find these hotspots, as well as how to install and configure a wireless network for your home or office. Use your laptop the way it was intended — from anywhere!

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. We Want to Hear from You!
  5. Introduction
  6. Mobile Computing Quick Start
    1. Understanding Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
      1. Intel Centrino Mobile Technology and Wi-Fi
      2. Platform Architecture
      3. The Benefits of Built-in Wi-Fi
      4. The Importance of Performance
      5. Changing the Way People Use Computers
      6. Clearing Bottlenecks and Roadblocks
      7. Intel s Mobile Technology Vision
      8. The Future Is Faster; Wireless Is Everywhere
      9. Summary
    2. Buying a Mobile Computer
      1. Getting to Know Your Future Wi-Fi Laptop
      2. Trade-offs
      3. Buying a Mobile Computer
      4. Value-Priced Laptops: What You Need to Know When You're Ready to Buy
      5. What You Need to Know about Buying a High Computing Performance Laptop
      6. What to Know when Buying an Ultra Long Battery Life Laptop
      7. General Advice Regardless of the Type of Laptop You Buy
      8. Where to Buy
      9. Summary
    3. Configuring Your Mobile Computer
      1. Working with the Control Panel
      2. Help with Network Tasks
      3. Working with the New Connection Wizard
      4. Using the Network Setup Wizard
      5. Understanding the Network Connections Window
      6. Using Wireless Network Connections Properties
      7. Enabling a Personal Firewall
      8. Bridging Wireless Connections
      9. Summary
  7. Getting the Most from Your Mobile Computer
    1. Software That Makes the Most of Mobile Computing
      1. Office Suites
      2. Powerful Presentations on the Go
      3. Email
      4. Web Browsers
      5. Transferring and Synchronizing Files
      6. Pop-Up and Spyware Blockers
      7. Summary
    2. Taking Digital Pictures from Your Laptop
      1. Picture Quality
      2. Locating the Camera
      3. Taking a Picture
      4. Working with Your Camera
      5. Saving the Photos
      6. Your Wi-Fi Photos on the Internet
      7. Summary
    3. Using Your Mobile Computer As a Telephone
      1. Understanding Internet Telephony
      2. VoIP Vendors
      3. The Hardware You'll Need
      4. Bandwidth Considerations
      5. Installing VoIP Software and Making Your First Call
      6. Summary
    4. Let Your Laptop Entertain You: Streaming Media, Gaming, and More
      1. Downloading and Playing Music
      2. Downloading and Playing Movies
      3. Connecting to Home Entertainment Systems
      4. Online Gaming
      5. Summary
  8. Mobile Computing On The Road
    1. Entering a World Without Wires
      1. Understanding Wi-Fi
      2. 802.11 and Its Variations
      3. Understanding Wi-Fi Networks
      4. Hitting the Road with Wi-Fi
      5. Summary
    2. Finding Hotspots
      1. Where Are Hotspots Likely to Be?
      2. Finding Hotspots
      3. Paying for Your Fun
      4. Surfing While You Sip
      5. Using Directories
      6. Finding Free Hotspots
      7. Becoming a Hotspot
      8. Summary
    3. Working with National Wi-Fi Networks
      1. Wi-Fi Networks
      2. Special Pricing, Good and Bad
      3. What the Networks Charge
      4. Comparison Shopping
      5. Summary
  9. Your Own Wireless Network
    1. Networking Without Wires
      1. Understanding Home and SOHO Networks
      2. Different Ways to Use Wi-Fi in a Network
      3. The Equipment You'll Need
      4. What's It Going to Cost?
      5. Summary
    2. Buying a Wi-Fi Access Point or Router
      1. Understanding the Different Pieces of Hardware
      2. Wireless Networking Kits
      3. Choosing a Wi-Fi Access Point
      4. Specific Brands and Models
      5. Summary
    3. Setting Up Your Access Point
      1. Preliminaries
      2. You Need a Working Internet Connection
      3. Collect Your Settings
      4. Plugging in the Hardware
      5. Configuring Your Access Point
      6. Connecting to the Wi-Fi Network
      7. Setting Up a Wireless Network with Windows XP SP2
      8. Summary
    4. Configuring Your Wi-Fi Network
      1. Ad Hoc Networking
      2. Setting Up Ad Hoc Wireless Networking
      3. Connecting to the Ad Hoc Network
      4. When Ad Hoc Networking Has Problems
      5. Sharing a Connection Through a Computer
      6. Troubleshooting a Network
      7. Understanding Networks and Their Layouts
      8. Setting Up a Hotspot with a DMZ
      9. Summary
    5. Advanced Access Point Configuration
      1. Dynamic IP Addressing Versus Fixed IP Assignment
      2. Settings That Might Be Required by Your ISP
      3. Upgrading Your Firmware
      4. Access Control—Your LAN
      5. Access Control—The Internet
      6. Understanding Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
      7. DNS
      8. More About Mixed Wired-Wireless Networks
      9. Summary
    6. Adding Wi-Fi Antennas to Your Network
      1. Why Use an Antenna with Wi-Fi?
      2. Antenna Basics
      3. Different Kinds of Antennas
      4. Antennas and the FCC
      5. Adding an Antenna to an Access Point
      6. Where to Buy Your Wi-Fi Antenna
      7. Summary
  10. Securing Your Computer and Network
    1. Protecting Your Mobile Wi-Fi Computer
      1. “Social” Engineering
      2. Physical Lockdown
      3. Using Password Protection
      4. File Sharing
      5. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
      6. Personal Software for Protection
      7. Summary
    2. Securing Your Wi-Fi Network
      1. Understanding the Threat
      2. What Steps Should You Take?
      3. Understanding Firewalls
      4. Setting Up a VPN
      5. Summary
  11. Appendixes
    1. Wireless Standards
      1. Understanding 802.11 Wireless Standards
      2. The Flavors of 802.11
    2. Where the Hotspots Are
      1. Online Directories
      2. Wi-Fi Networks
      3. Retail Locations
      4. Hotels
      5. Airports
      6. Free Public Networks
    3. Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Platform
      1. Product Information and Components
      2. Processor and Chipset
      3. Intel Wireless Network Connection
      4. Platform Benefits and Vision
    4. Glossary
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Anywhere Computing with Laptops: Making Mobile Easier
  • Author(s): Harold Davis
  • Release date: August 2005
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780789733276