JAX-WS annotations

The JAX-WS specifications define a number of annotations. In this section, you will see the purpose and usages of some of the widely used JAX-WS annotations. Annotations can be categorized into two types—annotations that are used in mapping Java to WSDL and schema and annotations that are used at runtime to control how the JAX-WS runtime processes and responds to web service invocations. We will be looking at a set of annotations coming from several specifications:

  • JSR 181 (Web Service Metadata)
  • JSR 224 (JAX-WS)
  • JSR 222 (JAXB)
  • JSR 250 (Common Annotations)

JSR 181 (Web Service Metadata) annotations

In this section, we will be looking at the annotations introduced in the JSR 181 (Web Service Metadata) specification. We will be looking ...

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