Axis2 configurator

So far, you have learned how to start Axis2 and work with Axis2 both on the client side and on the server side. However, we did not discuss how the underlying logic works. When you start Axis2, it creates an AxisConfiguration object from your local machine, which is considered as the repository. In the case of the Axis2 WAR distribution, the repository is<TOMCAT_HOME>webapps/axis2/WEB-INF (if you are using Tomcat), so that when you start Axis2 in an application server, Axis2 automatically picks the WEB-INF directory as the repository. This approach is known as file-system-based Axisconfigurators, where the Axis2 configuration is created using a filesystem.

In the same way, you can create Axis2 using a remote location as well, ...

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