Apache Cordova 3 Programming

Book description

Covers PhoneGap 3.X

Written for experienced mobile developers, Apache Cordova 3 Programming  is a complete introduction to Apache Cordova 3 and Adobe PhoneGap 3.  It describes what makes Cordova important and shows how to install and use the tools, the new Cordova CLI, the native SDKs, and more. If you’re brand new to Cordova, this book will be just what you need to get started. If you’re familiar with an older version of Cordova, this book will show you in detail how to use all of the new stuff that’s in Cordova 3 plus stuff that has been around for a while (like the Cordova core APIs).

After walking you through the process of downloading and setting up the framework, mobile expert John M. Wargo shows you how to install and use the command line tools to manage the Cordova application lifecycle and how to set up and use development environments for several of the more popular Cordova supported mobile device platforms. Of special interest to new developers are the chapters on the anatomy of a Cordova application, as well as the mechanics of Cordova development. Wargo also covers the development process and the tools you can use to test and debug your Cordova applications, and provides a complete chapter that introduces the Cordova APIs, in addition to a chapter that shows you how to create your own plugins.

Filled with lots of examples and code, the book includes includes complete coverage of Android, iOS, BlackBerry 1,0 and Windows Phone development for Cordova.

Topics covered include

  • How to install and use the Cordova CLI and associated tools

  • How to configure the Android developer tools (ADT) to run, test, and debug your Cordova applications for Android

  • How to use Xcode—Apple’s development tool for iOS development—to run, test, and debug Cordova applications for iOS devices

  • How to use the Safari browser to debug Cordova applications on iOS devices

  • How to use the Microsoft development tools to run, test, and debug Cordova applications for Windows Phone 8

  • How to set up and use the PhoneGap Build service to package Cordova applications and share those applications with others

  • How to create Cordova plugins for both Android and iOS

  • The author maintains a web site for the book at cordovaprogramming.com where updates, errata, and the source code for the book are available.

    Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Contents
    6. Foreword
    7. Preface
      1. Cordova as a Moving Target
      2. A Comment on Source Code
      3. Resources
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. 1. The What, How, Why, and More of Apache Cordova
      1. Introduction to Apache Cordova
      2. What Is Adobe PhoneGap?
      3. PhoneGap History
      4. Cordova Going Forward
      5. Supported Platforms
      6. Cordova License
      7. Working with Cordova
      8. Cordova Plugins
      9. Putting Cordova to Best Use
      10. Getting Support
      11. Resources
      12. Hybrid Application Frameworks
      13. Wrap-Up
    10. 2. Installing the Cordova and PhoneGap Frameworks
      1. Installing Apache Cordova
      2. Ant-Based Command-Line Interface
      3. Installing Adobe PhoneGap
      4. Wrap-Up
    11. 3. Installing the Cordova Command-Line Interface
      1. Installing the CLI
      2. Wrap-Up
    12. 4. Using the Cordova Command-Line Interface
      1. About the CLI
      2. Troubleshooting the CLI
      3. CLI Command Summary
      4. Using the CLI
      5. Wrap-Up
    13. 5. Anatomy of a Cordova Application
      1. Hello World!
      2. Cordova Initialization
      3. Leveraging Cordova APIs
      4. Enhancing the User Interface of a Cordova Application
      5. The Generated Web Application Files
      6. Wrap-Up
    14. 6. The Mechanics of Cordova Development
      1. Cordova Development Issues
      2. Developing Cordova Applications
      3. Testing Cordova Applications
      4. Leveraging Cordova Debugging Capabilities
      5. Debugging and Testing Using External Tools
      6. Wrap-Up
    15. 7. Android Development with Cordova
      1. Working with the Android Development Tools
      2. Using the ADT IDE
      3. Debugging Outside of the ADT IDE
      4. Grabbing a Screenshot
      5. Debugging on a Physical Device
      6. Wrap-Up
    16. 8. BlackBerry 10 Development with Cordova
      1. Configuring Your Environment for BlackBerry Development
      2. Configuring a BlackBerry Cordova Project
      3. Defining BlackBerry 10 Targets
      4. Debugging on a Device Simulator
      5. Debugging on a Physical Device
      6. Wrap-Up
    17. 9. iOS Development with Cordova
      1. Working with Xcode
      2. Debugging iOS Applications
      3. Debugging on a Physical Device
      4. Using the Safari Web Inspector
      5. Wrap-Up
    18. 10. Windows Phone 8 Development with Cordova
      1. Getting Started with Windows Phone Development
      2. Configuring a Windows 8 Device for Application Testing
      3. Running a Cordova Application Using Visual Studio
      4. Wrap-Up
    19. 11. Using PhoneGap Build
      1. What Is PhoneGap Build?
      2. Using PhoneGap Build
      3. Wrap-Up
    20. 12. Working with the Cordova APIs
      1. The Cordova Core APIs
      2. Working with the API Cordova Documentation
      3. Setting Application Permissions
      4. Cordova Objects
      5. Alerting the User
      6. Cordova Events
      7. Hardware APIs
      8. Globalization
      9. Working with the Contacts Application
      10. Playing/Recording Media Files
      11. InAppBrowser
      12. Splash Screen
      13. Wrap-Up
    21. 13. Creating Cordova Plugins
      1. Anatomy of a Cordova Plugin
      2. Creating a Simple Plugin
      3. Creating a Native Plugin
      4. Deploying Plugins
      5. Wrap-Up
    22. 14. Building a Cordova Application
      1. About the Application
      2. Creating the Application
      3. Using Merges
      4. Testing the Application
      5. Wrap-Up
    23. 15. Extending Cordova to the Enterprise
      1. Mobile Application Development Platforms
      2. SAP Mobile Platform
      3. Kapsel
      4. Wrap-Up

    Product information

    • Title: Apache Cordova 3 Programming
    • Author(s): John M. Wargo
    • Release date: December 2013
    • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
    • ISBN: 9780133521832