Chapter 2. Working with OFBiz

Having taken our first quick tour of OFBiz, let us now take a stab at making small tweaks to OFBiz. This section will give us a brief tour of the behind-the-scenes components in OFBiz.

Specifically, we will be looking at:

  • Quick yet powerful customizations, to give us a taste of the power we have with OFBiz.

  • Saving and resetting OFBiz data states quickly, to facilitate rapid software development and testing.

  • The general structure (physical files and folders) of OFBiz, so we know how to find our way around in OFBiz.

Bear in mind that the customizations described here contain many new terms and concepts. These terms and concepts may not necessarily be explained in detail in this chapter, but later in the book. For now, we ...

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