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Appium Recipes

Book Description

Learn how Appium is implemented in Java and integrated with tools, such as TestNG, Cucumber, Maven, Jenkins and Selenium Grid to create test automation frameworks. With these frameworks, you can test mobile apps on simulators or real devices and create CICD pipelines.

This brief book focuses on using Appium for automation on both Android and iOS platforms. Appium Recipes illustrates test automation framework and Cloud Test Lab scenarios that will empower you to take full advantage of Appium's critical features to achieve continuous integration and deployments in your live projects. Readers will also learn about mobile-specific actions such as Swipe, Scroll, and Tap, and mobile-specific locators such as iOSUIAutomator.

What You'll Learn:

  • Set up Appium for mobile, Web and Hybrid App Automation

  • Use mobile-specific actions, such as Swipe, Scroll, and Tap

  • Work with mobile-specific locators, such as iOSUIAutomator

  • Integrate Appium with Selenium Grid and Cloud Test Labs, such as Perfecto and Sauce Labs

Who This Book Is For:

Readers familiar with the basic concepts of test automation, mobile landscape, core java programming (basic)and maven, and Appium.