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Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture

Book Description

The only Apple-certified guide to Aperture, Apple’s revolutionary application for managing, editing, and archiving digital photographs! This comprehensive book-DVD combo starts with the basics of image management and takes you step by step all the way through Aperture’s powerful photo-editing, image-retouching, proofing, publishing, and archiving features. It delivers comprehensive training–the equivalent of a two-day course–in one project-based book. You’ll learn time-saving techniques for sorting, ranking, and organizing images for use in different jobs, and effective ways to display images for client review, apply metadata, keep your online portfolio up to date automatically, color-manage your workflow from input to final print, and much more. Real-world exercises feature professional photography from a variety of genres, including fashion, sports, wedding, commercial, and portraiture. All the files you need to complete the exercises are included on the DVD.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Getting Started
    1. The Methodology
      1. Course Structure
    2. System Requirements
      1. Minimum System Requirements
      2. Recommended System
      3. Check for the Latest Recommendations
    3. Copying the Aperture Lesson Files
    4. Keeping Your Work Environment Neutral
      1. Adjusting Your Work Environment
      2. Adjusting Your System Preferences
    5. Calibrating Your Display
    6. About the Apple Pro Training Series
    7. Apple Pro Certification Program
    8. Resources
  3. Basics
    1. 1. Exploring the Aperture Workflow
      1. Opening Aperture
        1. Adding Aperture to the Dock
        2. Launching Aperture for the First Time
      2. Getting to Know the Aperture Interface
      3. Using the Aperture Layouts
      4. Customizing the Workspace
      5. Understanding Camera RAW
        1. Understanding Other Image Formats
      6. Working with Aperture’s File Structure
        1. Masters and Versions
        2. Understanding the Aperture Library
        3. Organizing Images Using Projects and Albums
        4. Organizing Using Folders
      7. Selecting an Alternate Aperture Library
      8. Quitting Aperture
      9. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 2. Importing Images into Aperture
      1. Importing Images from a Disc
        1. Choosing the Source and Destination
        2. Making Selections
      2. Adding Metadata
        1. Adjusting the Time Zone
        2. Adding Copyright and IPTC Metadata
      3. Adding Custom Filenames
      4. Importing Images from iPhoto
        1. Importing an iPhoto Album
      5. Importing Images from a Memory Card
        1. Opening Aperture Automatically
        2. Auto-stacking Images
        3. Naming, Adding Metadata, and Selecting Images to Import
      6. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 3. Organizing and Rating Images
      1. Working with Stacked Images
      2. Organizing Imported Images
        1. Organizing a Collection Using Folders
        2. Creating an Album
      3. Emailing Images from Aperture
        1. Specifying Your Email Application
        2. Adding a Digital Watermark
        3. Emailing the Images
      4. Rating Images
        1. Making Selects
      5. Exploring the Viewer
      6. Making Selects Using Keyboard Shortcuts
      7. Evaluating Images at Full Resolution
        1. Using the Zoom Feature
        2. Using the Loupe Tool
      8. Navigating the Browser
      9. Rating Stacked Images
      10. Managing Multiple Projects
        1. Opening Projects in Tabbed Panes
        2. Using Split Panes
      11. Creating a Smart Album
      12. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    4. 4. Image Adjustment Basics
      1. Preparing Images for Adjustments
      2. Framing Your Images
        1. Rotating a Single Image
        2. Rotating a Group of Images
        3. Using the Straighten Tool
        4. Using the Crop Tool
        5. Cropping to a Specific Aspect Ratio
      3. Making Automatic Adjustments
      4. Analyzing Image Information with the Histogram
        1. Comparing Images with the Histogram
      5. Using the Spot & Patch Tool
      6. Using the Lift and Stamp Tools
      7. Adjusting Spot & Patch Options
      8. Comparing an Adjusted Image to the Master Image
      9. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    5. 5. Creating Web Output
      1. Organizing the Projects Panel Using Favorites
      2. Preparing the Project
      3. Creating a Web Journal
      4. Adding Images and Pages
      5. Choosing a Site Theme
      6. Customizing Text
      7. Adding Text
      8. Sizing and Positioning Images
      9. Previewing Images in a Slideshow
      10. Exporting a Web Journal
        1. Exporting to HTML
        2. Publishing to .Mac
      11. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    6. 6. Evaluating Images
      1. Preparing the Project
        1. Importing the Images
        2. Batch-Changing Filenames
      2. Creating a Light Table Album
      3. Adding Images to the Light Table
        1. Using the Light Table Navigator
        2. Adding More Images
      4. Evaluating Images in the Light Table
        1. Grouping Images
        2. Arranging Images Within a Group
      5. Evaluating Images in Full Screen Mode
      6. Switching Between Views
      7. Printing the Light Table
      8. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    7. 7. Finishing, Delivering, and Archiving Images
      1. Preparing the Project
      2. Customizing the Full Screen Mode
        1. Hiding the Toolbar
        2. Positioning the Filmstrip
      3. Adjusting Luminance
        1. Making Shadows Darker
        2. Making Skin Tone Lighter
      4. Adjusting Tint and Saturation
        1. Comparing Images
      5. Matching Color Between Images
      6. Applying Adjustments to a Group of Images
      7. Creating a Smart Album
      8. Printing Contact Sheets
      9. Authoring a Disc of Final Images
      10. Backing Up the Library
      11. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  4. Advanced Features
    1. 8. Advanced Organization and Rating
      1. Preparing the Project
        1. Importing a Project
        2. Configuring the Browser
        3. Arranging Images in the Browser
      2. Creating and Editing Stacks
        1. Rearranging Stacks
        2. Combining Stacks
        3. Adding Individual Images to a Stack
        4. Creating Stacks Manually
        5. Splitting a Stack
      3. Editing Stacks During Import
      4. Using Keywords
        1. Identifying Keywords
        2. Defining Keywords
        3. Adding Keywords and Groups
      5. Assigning Keywords to Images
        1. Dragging and Dropping Keywords
        2. Applying Keywords to a Group of Images
        3. Creating Keyword Buttons
        4. Applying Keywords Using Buttons
        5. Applying Keywords Using Keyboard Shortcuts
        6. Applying Keywords Using the Lift and Stamp Tools
        7. Autofilling Keywords
        8. Mixing Techniques
        9. Copying and Pasting Metadata
          1. Project Task
      6. Editing Metadata in Batches
      7. Choosing Image “Picks”
        1. Promoting and Demoting Alternates
        2. Using Compare Mode
          1. Project Task
      8. Applying Ratings to Images
        1. Assigning a Reject Rating
        2. Changing a Rating
      9. Creating Albums from Stacked Images
      10. Searching and Filtering Images
        1. Filtering Images Using the Browser Search Field
        2. Filtering Images Using the Query HUD
        3. Searching by Additional Criteria
      11. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 9. Advanced Editing
      1. Preparing the Project
      2. Adjusting RAW vs. Non-RAW Images
      3. Adjusting White-Balance Temperature Extremes
      4. Using Metadata Sets
        1. Creating a Metadata Set
        2. Viewing a Metadata Set
      5. Adjusting Highlights and Shadows
        1. Adjusting Overall Contrast
        2. Adjusting Shadows and Highlights
        3. Using the Highlights & Shadows Controls as a Fill Flash
      6. Converting Color Images to Grayscale
      7. Applying a Color Monochrome Adjustment
      8. Sharpening and Noise Reduction
        1. Applying Sharpening
        2. Applying Noise Reduction
      9. Sharpening and Noise Reduction for RAW Images
        1. Adjusting Boost
      10. Taking a Closer Look at Exposure
        1. Checking RGB Values
        2. Reading the Histogram
        3. Brightening the Image
      11. Working with an External Editor
        1. Choosing an External Editor
        2. Switching Between Aperture and an External Editor
      12. Deleting Versions
      13. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 10. Advanced Output
      1. Soft Proofing Images
      2. Using Multiple Displays
      3. Creating Book Albums
        1. Creating the Book
        2. Designing the Cover
        3. Designing the Title Page
        4. Adding Images to Pages
        5. Customizing Pages
        6. Adjusting Images in a Book
        7. Adjusting the Stacking Order of Page Elements
        8. Automating Page Flow
        9. Finishing the Design
        10. Outputting the Book
      4. Creating a Smart Web Gallery Album
        1. Refining Your Portfolio Criteria
      5. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    4. 11. Advanced File Structure and Archiving
      1. Preparing the Project
      2. Exporting a Master File
        1. Exporting a Photoshop Master File
      3. Moving the Aperture Library
      4. Creating Multiple Libraries
      5. Backing Up and Archiving
      6. Creating Multiple Vaults
        1. Restoring Your Aperture Library
      7. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    5. 12. Aperture Automation
      1. Tethered Shooting
      2. Using Aperture with Automator
        1. Building an Export Workflow
        2. Creating the Workflow
        3. Compressing the Folder
        4. Setting up Mail
      3. Creating a Standalone Application
      4. Automating Photoshop Round-Trip
      5. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  5. Glossary