Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand

Book Description

This book was published in July 2014 and covers GarageBand 10.0. The content and/or media files do not work with subsequent releases of the software.

In the only Apple-certified guide to GarageBand, readers will be creating original works within the first few chapters. Using real-life material and practical lessons that they can apply immediately to their own projects, this book/media combo offers a complete, self-paced course in all aspects of GarageBand. Focused lessons take you step-by-step through fun, real-world projects, and GarageBand 10.0.0 features.

Exclusively for this book, author/musician Mary Plummer works with a host of talented artists ranging from a student songwriter to a professional touring guitarist, an award-winning poet, an independent hip hop recording artist, and award winning dancers to create all new, real-world projects that readers will step-through. Along the way readers will get to mix a songwriter’s demo, test amp simulators and stomp boxes with an electric guitar solo, edit spoken dialog for an audio book, lay down original hip-hop beats using a drum machine patch and dynamic tempo changes, and add percussion and effects to a dance video to enhance the sound.
For mobile users, the book includes an overview of GarageBand for iOS and sharing GarageBand songs via iCloud between iOS devices and your Mac.

This self-paced learning tool pairs an easy, accessible style with ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts to guarantee that readers become proficient with GarageBand 10.0.0 in no time.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Getting Started
    1. What GarageBand Does for You
    2. The Methodology
    3. System Requirements
    4. Copying the GarageBand Lesson Files
    5. Resources
    6. Acknowledgments
  6. Lesson 1. Working with a GarageBand Project
    1. Downloading GarageBand Projects for This Book
    2. Opening and Saving a GarageBand Project
    3. Exploring the GarageBand Window
    4. Navigating and Controlling Playback
    5. Exploring the Workspace, Tracks, and Regions
    6. Exploring the Library
    7. Using a Cycle Area
    8. Exploring the Smart Controls Pane
    9. Exploring the Editors
    10. Showing the Project Note Pad
    11. Project Tasks
    12. Working with Apple Loops
    13. Auditioning and Adding Loops to the Project
    14. Adjusting a Track’s Volume
    15. Changing a Track’s Name and Icon
    16. Lesson Review
  7. Lesson 2. Working with Tracks
    1. Understanding Tracks
    2. Previewing the Finished Project
    3. Opening a Project from GarageBand
    4. Exploring the Starting Project
    5. Working with Solo and Mute Controls
    6. Changing Software Instrument Track Instruments
    7. Creating a New Track
    8. Playing the Onscreen Music Keyboard
    9. Moving Regions to Different Tracks
    10. Duplicating Regions with Option-Drag
    11. Zooming In and Out of the Timeline
    12. Resizing Regions in the Tracks Area
    13. Working with the Arrangement Track
    14. Duplicating a Track
    15. Project Tasks
    16. Creating a Drummer Track
    17. Exploring the Drummer Editor
    18. Auditioning Drummer Presets
    19. Working with the Drum Kit Controls
    20. Working with the Movie Track
    21. Lesson Review
  8. Lesson 3. Working with Apple Loops and Arranging a Song
    1. Opening a New Project Template
    2. Exploring the Ringtone Template
    3. Understanding Loop Preferences
    4. Searching for Loops
    5. Deleting a Track
    6. Working with Keyword Buttons
    7. Customizing the Keyword Buttons
    8. Searching with Multiple Keyword Buttons
    9. Understanding Melody and Rhythm
    10. Building Rhythm Tracks in the Timeline
    11. Project Tasks
    12. Selecting Favorite Loops
    13. Project Tasks
    14. Bonus Exercise
    15. Lesson Review
  9. Lesson 4. Recording and Editing Software Instruments
    1. Preparing the Project
    2. Using Catch Mode to Keep the Playhead Visible
    3. Single-Take Recording
    4. Playing Music with Your Computer Keyboard
    5. Recording a Single Take in the Timeline
    6. Fixing Notes in the Piano Roll Editor
    7. Project Tasks
    8. Working with Smart Controls and the Arpeggiator
    9. Preparing the Project
    10. Recording Multiple Takes
    11. Choosing a Take
    12. Editing Multiple Notes Simultaneously in the Editor
    13. Project Tasks
    14. Copying Parts of a Song with the Arrangement Track
    15. Project Tasks
    16. Recording Multiple Tracks
    17. Lesson Review
  10. Lesson 5. Recording and Editing Audio Tracks
    1. Preparing to Record Audio Tracks
    2. Setting Project Properties
    3. Working with New Audio Track Settings
    4. Following an Audiobook Narration Recording Session
    5. Removing Parts of a Region in the Audio Editor
    6. Project Tasks
    7. Editing a Multitake Audio Region
    8. Splitting Regions in the Timeline
    9. Deleting Unused Takes from a Multitake Region
    10. Bonus Vocal Recording and Editing Exercises
    11. Lesson Review
  11. Lesson 6. Working with Electric Guitars
    1. Opening the Recording Session Project
    2. Following an Electric Guitar Recording Session
    3. Exploring the Default Electric Guitar Track Effects
    4. Using Stompboxes in the Pedalboard
    5. Moving a Region to Different Tracks to Change Effects Patches
    6. Exploring Amp Designer
    7. Building and Saving a Custom Amp Model
    8. Doubling a Guitar Track
    9. Splitting a Guitar Region to Create Dynamic Change
    10. Working with Multiple Takes Electric Guitar Regions
    11. Project Tasks
    12. Recording Electric Guitar Tracks—Without a Guitar
    13. Recording Your Own Electric Guitar Tracks
    14. Review Questions
  12. Lesson 7. Creating Drum and Percussion Tracks
    1. Control Timing with Groove Tracks
    2. Following the Rhythm of Another Track
    3. Recording Multipass Drum Beats
    4. Recording Arpeggiated Drum Machine Beats
    5. Project Practice
    6. Preparing the Project
    7. Making Recorded MIDI Regions Loop Ready
    8. Making Recorded Audio Regions Loop-Ready
    9. Project Practice
    10. Adding Regions to the Loop Library
    11. Working with the Tempo Track
    12. Project Tasks
    13. Lesson Review
  13. Lesson 8. Mixing Music and Adding EQ Effects
    1. Evaluating a Rough Music Mix
    2. Panning Tracks
    3. Working with EQ Effect Presets
    4. Evaluating the Master Output Level
    5. Working with Volume and Pan Automation Curves
    6. Preparing the Project and Reconnecting a Movie File
    7. Evaluating the Overall Sound
    8. Working with the Analyzer and the Graphic EQ
    9. Bonus Exercise 1
    10. Bonus Exercise 2
    11. Lesson Review
  14. Lesson 9. Sharing Your Finished Projects
    1. Sharing with Other Apple Applications
    2. Sharing a Ringtone to iTunes
    3. Sending a Song to SoundCloud
    4. Exporting a Project as a Movie
    5. Fading Out the Master Track
    6. Exporting Songs to Disk
    7. Opening and Saving Projects via iCloud
    8. Project Tasks
    9. Lesson Review
  15. Index
  16. Where are the Lesson Files?

Product Information

  • Title: Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2014
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133901054