Apple Pro Training Series: iMovie

Book description

In the only Apple-certified guide to iMovie, readers will be creating original works within the first few pages. Using real-life material and practical lessons that they can apply immediately to their own projects, this book/media combo offers a complete, self-paced course in all aspects of iMovie. Focused lessons take you step-by-step through everything from organizing and importing your videos to creating polished movies.

The reader will master iMovie tools quickly through fun, real-world projects, create professional looking sports highlights from home videos, learn to make a “Hollywood-style” movie trailer, and discover new ways to publish and share projects using iMovie Theater and iCloud. For mobile users, the book includes a section dedicated to iMovie for iOS.

This self-paced learning tool has an easy, accessible style and ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts to guarantee that readers become proficient with iMovie in no time.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Getting Started
    1. What iMovie Does for You
    2. The Methodology
    3. A Word About the Lesson Content
    4. System Requirements
    5. Copying the iMovie Lesson Files
    6. Resources
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. iMovie for Mac
    1. Lesson 1. Setting Up Your Library
      1. Understand the iMovie Library
      2. Download Videos for This Book
      3. Navigate the iMovie Window
      4. Working with Multiple Libraries
      5. Lesson Review
    2. Lesson 2. Enjoying and Sharing Clips
      1. Importing Clips into iMovie
      2. Skimming and Playing Clips
      3. Changing the Display of Filmstrips
      4. Marking the Best and Worst Clips
      5. Filtering Events
      6. Deleting Clips from an Event
      7. Enhancing Clips
      8. Playing Clips Full Screen
      9. Sharing Clips in Email
      10. Lesson Review
    3. Lesson 3. Moviemaking Made Easy
      1. Creating a Movie with a Theme
      2. Dragging Selections to the Timeline
      3. Placing Clips Where You Want Them
      4. Adding Selections to the End
      5. Removing Clips from a Movie
      6. Rearranging Clips in a Movie
      7. Auditioning and Adding Music
      8. Changing Themes
      9. Playing a Movie Full Screen
      10. Sharing Movies to Facebook
      11. Lesson Review
    4. Lesson 4. Having Fun with iMovie Trailers
      1. Selecting a New Event
      2. Selecting a Trailer Genre
      3. Changing the Outline
      4. Filling in the Storyboard
      5. Replacing Clips in a Trailer
      6. Using the Clip Trimmer
      7. Enabling Clip Audio
      8. Personalizing the Storyline
      9. Lesson Review
    5. Lesson 5. Creating Your Own Sports Highlights Video
      1. Switching Projects in the Library
      2. Applying a Theme to an Existing Movie
      3. Using the Sports Team Editor
      4. Adding Titles and Backgrounds
      5. Creating an Instant Replay Effect
      6. Highlighting a Player
      7. Lesson Review
    6. Lesson 6. Editing Video and Audio
      1. Creating a Movie Without a Theme
      2. Editing a Movie
      3. Working with Audio
      4. Lesson Review
    7. Lesson 7. Fixing and Refining the Look
      1. Using Video Effects
      2. Previewing and Modifying Transitions
      3. Changing Clip Playback Speed
      4. Fixing Color Problems
      5. Stabilizing a Clip
      6. Working with Titles
      7. Sharing Movies Online
      8. Lesson Review
    8. Lesson 8. Making an Advanced Slideshow
      1. Accessing iPhoto
      2. Importing Photos
      3. Finding Photos in the Browser
      4. Adding Photos to a Movie
      5. Add a Cutaway
      6. Adding Cross Dissolves to Cutaways
      7. Cropping Photos in the Viewing Area
      8. Modifying the Ken Burns Effect
      9. Freezing on a Frame
      10. Editing a Title
      11. Ducking Music
      12. Lesson Review
    9. Lesson 9. Advanced Moviemaking
      1. Choosing Projects from the Library
      2. Setting a Location Using Travel Maps
      3. Trimming with the Precision Editor
      4. Recording Narration
      5. Using Audio from a Video Clip
      6. Mixing Audio
      7. Lesson Review
    10. Lesson 10. Managing Your Library
      1. Understanding Video Formats
      2. Adjusting a Clip’s Date and Time
      3. Making Backups
      4. Bonus Lesson: iMovie Theater for Mac
      5. Lesson Review
  9. iMovie for iOS
    1. Lesson 11. Learning the Fundamentals of iMovie for iOS
      1. Understanding iMovie for iOS
      2. Browsing and Playing Clips
      3. Tagging Your Favorite Clips
      4. Changing the Filmstrip Display
      5. Sharing Clips to Facebook
      6. Lesson Review
    2. Lesson 12. Producing a One-Minute Movie
      1. Picking a Trailer Genre
      2. Edit the Outline
      3. Filling in the Storyboard
      4. Changing Clips in a Trailer
      5. Personalizing the Storyline
      6. Lesson Review
    3. Lesson 13. Mobilize Your Movie Making
      1. Starting a New Movie
      2. Using the Playhead
      3. Rearranging Clips in a Movie
      4. Adding and Adjusting Audio
      5. Applying Transitions and Titles
      6. Switching Themes
      7. Using Photos in a Movie
      8. Advanced Movie-Making Options
      9. Saving and Moving Projects
      10. Deleting Clips and Projects
      11. Access the Bonus Lesson: Sharing to iMovie Theater
      12. Lesson Review
  10. Index
  11. MAC BONUS Lesson: Sharing to iMovie Theater
    1. What Is iCloud?
    2. Setting Up iMovie Theater
    3. Sharing to iMovie Theater
    4. Deleting from iMovie Theater and iCloud
    5. Lesson Review
  12. iOS Bonus Lesson: Sharing to iMovie Theater
    1. What Is iCloud?
    2. Setting Up iMovie Theater
    3. Sharing to iMovie Theater
    4. Lesson Review
  13. Where are the Lesson Files?

Product information

  • Title: Apple Pro Training Series: iMovie
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2014
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133901085