16-Bit Recording, Audio preferences, 67

24-Bit Recording, Audio preferences, 67

32-samples I/O buffer size, 102

44.1 kHz, music sample rate, 66

48 kHz, video sample rate, 66

128-samples, I/O buffer size, 101


AAC files, 520

Acoustic guitar

adjusting levels and pan, 432

submixing with summing stacks, 433

Acoustic keyword, browsing/previewing loops, 1213

Action pop-up menu, 166

A/D (analog-to-digital) converter, 64

Adaptive Limiter feature, of Compressor plug-in, 461463

Add Device button, 503

Add Marker button, 170172

Add Tracks button, 82

Adjust Tempo using Beat Detection dialog

keyboard shortcut for, 367

setting project tempo, 320322

Advanced Tools, preferences, 6

Aftertouch events, 523

AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) ...

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