Apple Pro Training Series: DVD Studio Pro 4, Third Edition

Book description

Updated for DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2, this best-selling, Apple certified guide uses striking real-world footage to build four complete DVDs and share a Blu-ray disc. It covers how to use  DVD Studio Pro on its own, as well as how to integrate it into  your workflow with Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, and Compressor 3.5. Each lesson takes you step-by-step through an aspect of DVD creation and finishing, with hands-on projects for you to complete as you go.

You'll learn to storyboard your DVD and plan its interactions, set chapter markers, build still and motion menus, and add overlays and subtitles. You’ll also work with multiple audio tracks and camera angles, create smart buttons and custom transitions, professionally encode audio and video files, and build useful scripts.

Table of contents

  1. Apple Pro Training Series
    1. Getting Started
      1. The Methodology
        1. Course Structure
      2. Copying the Lesson Files
        1. Installing the DVD Studio Pro 4 Lesson and Media Files
        2. Reconnecting Media
      3. Refreshing Assets
      4. System Requirements
      5. About the Apple Pro Training Series
      6. Apple Pro Certification Program
      7. Resources
    2. Basic DVD Authoring
      1. 1. Preparing Your First DVD Project
          1. DVD Creation Process
          2. The DVD-Video Specification
            1. DVD-Video File Formats
            2. The DVD-Video Disc
              1. DVD-5
              2. DVD-9
            3. Accessing Features of DVD-Video
          3. Exploring the Interface
            1. The Project Window
            2. The Palette
            3. The Inspector
          4. Creating a Simple DVD in Basic View
          5. Creating a Menu
            1. Applying an Apple Menu Template
            2. Modifying an Apple Template
            3. Creating Custom Buttons
          6. Connecting Assets to the Menu
            1. Creating a Track
            2. Creating a Slideshow
          7. Simulating a Disc
          8. Building a Project and Burning a Disc
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      2. 2. Exploring the Full Interface
          1. Opening the Project
          2. Exploring Window Configurations
            1. A Quick Tour of the Extended Window Configuration Tabs
            2. Creating Custom Window Configurations
            3. Customizing the Toolbar
            4. Saving Your Custom Window Configuration
          3. Adjusting the Project
            1. Creating Simple Chapter Markers
            2. Creating Button Transitions
            3. Simulating the Disc to View the Tweaks
            4. Burning the Tweaked Disc (Optional)
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      3. 3. Setting Up a Simple DVD
          1. Storyboarding Your DVD
          2. Creating the Swiss Storyboard Using the Graphical Tab
          3. Previewing the Finished Project with Apple’s DVD Player
            1. Opening the Swiss Project in DVD Player
            2. Exploring the DVD
          4. Identifying Source Video Settings
          5. Setting DVD Studio Pro Preferences
          6. Setting Up Disc Properties
            1. Setting the Remote Control
            2. Setting the First-Play Action
          7. Importing Video and Audio Files
          8. Setting Chapter Markers
            1. Resizing the Track Editor
            2. Importing Marker Lists from a Text File
            3. Creating Chapter Markers Manually
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      4. 4. Creating Menus Within DVD Studio Pro
          1. The Menu Creation Process
          2. Importing Assets
            1. Working with the Assets Tab
          3. Adding a Background Graphic
          4. Using the Title Safe and Action Safe Features
          5. Creating Buttons on a Still Menu
            1. Drawing Buttons
            2. Naming Buttons
            3. Adding Drop Shadows
            4. Choosing Fonts
            5. Setting Button Highlight Colors
            6. Creating More Buttons
            7. Testing Your New Buttons
          6. Making Connections from Buttons to Video
          7. Adding Title and Text to the Menu
          8. Adding Sound to the Menu
          9. Creating an Intro Menu
          10. Targeting Up Navigation on Your DVD
          11. Using a Drop Zone to Create a Motion Menu
            1. Adding a Drop Zone to the Main Menu
            2. Changing the Duration of Your Motion Menu
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      5. 5. Creating a Chapter Index Menu
          1. Customizing a Default Chapter Index Menu
            1. Selecting the Template
            2. Customizing the Background and Buttons
            3. Creating a Button Style
            4. Applying a Button Style
          2. Setting Up the Chapter Index Navigation Buttons
          3. Adding a Drop Zone Shape
          4. Automating the Chapter Index Menu Creation Process
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      6. 6. Creating a Slideshow
          1. Using Slideshows
          2. File Formats for Slideshows
          3. Adding a Slideshow
          4. Modifying Your Slideshow
            1. Adding Audio
            2. Changing the Duration of Slides
            3. Moving and Deleting Slides
          5. Slideshow Transitions
          6. Converting a Slideshow to a Track
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      7. 7. Adding Subtitles
          1. Creating Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro
            1. Adjusting the Length of Subtitles in the Track Editor
          2. Modifying the Font and Color of Subtitles
          3. Importing Subtitles from a Text File
          4. Previewing Subtitles
          5. Creating Buttons over Video
            1. Button Graphics over Video
          6. About Closed Captioning
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      8. 8. Finishing Your DVD
          1. Adding DVD-ROM Content to a DVD-Video Disc
          2. Testing Your Project
            1. Things to Look Out For When Testing Your Project
          3. Building and Formatting a DVD
            1. Setting Your Build Preferences
            2. Creating a Build of Your DVD
            3. Contents of the VIDEO_TS Folder
            4. Formatting Your Project
            5. Building and Formatting in a Single Step
          4. Using the Apple DVD Player
          5. Burning a Disc Using the Burn Command
          6. Choosing Recordable DVD Media
          7. Distribution of Your Completed DVD
            1. Duplication vs. Replication
            2. Choosing a Disc Type
              1. DVD-5
              2. Dual-Layer DVD-9
              3. DVD-10 and DVD-18
              4. Mini-DVDs
                1. Media Issues for Replication
            3. Setting a Layer Break Point
            4. Adding Copy Protection
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
    3. Advanced Authoring and Design
      1. 9. Encoding with Compressor
          1. Understanding Compression
            1. Choosing Bit Rates
              1. Variable Bit Rate and Constant Bit Rate
              2. Average and Maximum Bit Rates
            2. Understanding Group of Pictures
            3. Choosing Audio Formats
            4. Applying Bit Budgeting
            5. Understanding Disc Capacity
          2. Importing a File into Compressor from Final Cut Pro
          3. Applying Preset Settings
          4. Creating Custom Settings
            1. Creating a Setting Group
            2. Creating Custom Presets
            3. Creating an H.264 Preset for Blu-ray and AVCHD Discs
            4. Applying Custom Setting Groups
          5. Setting Compression Markers in Compressor
            1. Creating Compression Markers
          6. Creating Chapter Markers
          7. Submitting Files for Encoding
          8. Creating a Compressor Droplet
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      2. 10. Designing Advanced Menus
          1. Maintaining the Look of Menu Graphics
          2. Creating Standard Menus
          3. Adding a Simple Overlay
          4. Creating Buttons for the Overlay
          5. Choosing Highlights for Button States
          6. Using Advanced Overlays with Grayscale Color Mapping
          7. Customizing Button Colors
          8. Saving New Default Colors
          9. Adding a Motion Background
          10. Setting a Loop Point
          11. Working with Motion Menus
          12. Advantages of Layered Menus
          13. Adding a Layered Menu
          14. Creating Layered Menu Buttons
          15. Linking Your Assets
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      3. 11. Markers, Stories, and Connections
          1. Working with Chapter Markers
          2. Creating Markers in Final Cut Pro
            1. Types of Markers in Final Cut Pro
            2. Creating Chapter Markers in Final Cut Pro for DVD Studio Pro
          3. Setting Encoding Preferences
          4. Using Stories as Playlists
          5. Creating and Working with Stories
          6. Establishing Connections
          7. Finding the Unconnected Elements
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      4. 12. Scripting
          1. Building Menu Loop Scripts
            1. Connecting the Scripts
          2. Creating Return to Menu Scripts
            1. Using Pre-Scripts
            2. Choosing the Last Menu
            3. Using Escape Commands
            4. Targeting Your Script
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      5. 13. Creating Transitions
          1. Applying a Transition
          2. Using a Video Transition
          3. Using Alpha Transitions
            1. The Transition Asset Folder
            2. Installing an Alpha Transition
          4. Exploring the Asset Movie
            1. Working with Alpha Channels
            2. Working with a Transition Switch Point
          5. Exploring the Background Matte Movie
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
      6. 14. Using Alternate Angles
          1. Setting Up the Project
          2. About Alternate Angles
            1. Encoding Alternate Angle Streams
          3. Creating Multi-Angle Tracks
            1. Previewing Multi-Angle Tracks in the Viewer
          4. Creating Mixed-Angle Tracks
            1. Resizing Video Clips
            2. Adding Enclosing Markers
          5. Targeting Alternate Angle Streams
          6. Simulating Alternate Angle Streams
          7. About Alternate Angle Errors
          8. Exploring Final Cut Pro Cut Markers
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
    4. Working with HD
      1. 15. Working with High-Definition Video
          1. HD to SD Downconversions
          2. Creating Blu-ray Discs
            1. Creating a Blu-ray Disc with Compressor
              1. Setting Up the Batch Template
              2. Customizing the Blu-ray Menu
              3. Outputting the Blu-ray Disc
            2. Creating a Blu-ray Disc with Final Cut Pro
              1. Exporting Multiple Clips from a Bin
              2. Exporting a Sequence
          1. Lesson Review
            1. Answers
    5. Appendixes
      1. A. Advanced Encoding
          1. Bit Budgeting
            1. What If the Data Doesn’t Fit?
            2. Measuring Disc Size
            3. Using Bit Budgeting Methods
          2. Choosing MPEG-2 Encoder Settings
            1. About Motion Estimation
            2. Understanding GOP Structures
            3. About I-Frames, P-Frames, and B-Frames
          3. Understanding Audio Encoding Formats
          4. Encoding AC-3 Files
            1. Choosing Encoded Data and Control Parameter Settings
            2. Encoded Data and Control Parameter Settings
            3. Using Frequency Masking
            4. Choosing Audio Bit Rates
            5. Data Rates for Common Audio Coding Modes
            6. About Dialogue Normalization
            7. Average and Peak Dialogue Level Comparison
            8. Understanding Compression Profiles
            9. AC-3 Dynamic Range Compression Profiles
      2. B. Bit Budget Calculator
    6. Glossary
    7. The Apple Pro Training Series
        1. The Apple Training Series

Product information

  • Title: Apple Pro Training Series: DVD Studio Pro 4, Third Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2009
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321699886