Chapter 4. Working with Real Instruments

Lesson Files


Lessons > Lesson_04 > 4-1 GuitarTest Starting; 4-2 GuitarTest Finished; 4-3 BassTest Starting; 4-4 BassTest Finished; 4-5 Piano Starting; 4-6 Piano Finished; 4-7 Piano punch ins



This lesson takes approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes to complete.



Set the input channel for a Real Instrument track


Set up musical instruments for recording


Monitor Real Instrument input


Record guitars


Explore the Track Info window


Add effects to a track and adjust them


Edit Real Instrument regions


Understand how to record over part of a song


Work with the Timeline grid


Split a region


Edit a Real Instrument region in the Track Editor

GarageBand gives you many choices of instruments, tracks, regions, ...

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