Lesson 14. Burning DVDs of Your Videos and Slideshows

Lesson Files

Lessons > Lesson3 > L3.Biz roll 1

Lessons > Lesson5 > Sgraffito Technique.mov

Lessons > Lesson11 > Finished_Timelapse_music06.mov

Lessons > Lesson14 > Timelapse Video alias


iMovie, iDVD, SuperDrive


Approximately 90 minutes


Learn how to put chapter markers in your videos

Learn how to make DVDs that include movies and slideshows

Learn how to customize DVD themes and menus

It’s great to be able to flip open your iBook laptop and present a slideshow live, but there are times when you want to leave the slideshow with someone, such as your sister, to watch at her own convenience. Similarly, once your videos are archived onto digital tape, it’s likely that you will ...

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