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Apple Training Series: iWork ’08

Book Description

iWork 08
Keynote, Pages, Numbers

Apple's enhanced iWork productivity suite is poised to allow Mac users to create, present, and publish their work with style. iWork '08 offers three powerful applications—Pages ’08, Keynote ’08, and the brand-new spreadsheet program, Numbers '08—for creating everything from newsletters and stationery to polished business presentations to graphics-rich spreadsheets.

This self-paced learning guide, which includes  a companion CD jam-packed with practical media files, takes readers step-by-step through essential, real-life tasks for home and office that cover all aspects of iWork '08. The book is both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum of the Apple Training and Certification Program, used by schools and training centers worldwide, and is ideal for users of all levels.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Getting Started
    1. The Methodology
      1. Course Structure
    2. System Requirements
    3. Installing iWork
    4. Copying the Lesson Files
      1. Installing the Lesson Files
    5. About the Apple Training Series
    6. Resources
  4. Making Presentations in Keynote
    1. 1. Creating a Basic Presentation
      1. Before You Start
      2. Launching Keynote
      3. Choosing a Theme and Slide Size
      4. Selecting a Master Slide
      5. Outlining the Presentation
        1. Creating the First Slide
        2. Adding More Slides
        3. Pasting Text into the Outline
      6. Working with the Format Bar
      7. Working with the Inspector
      8. Formatting Text on a Slide
      9. Customizing a Slide Layout
        1. Modifying the Title
        2. Modifying the Bullet Points
        3. Adding a Shape to Hold Text
        4. Placing Text Inside a Shape
      10. Copying Styles Between Slides
        1. Styling the Titles
        2. Styling the Bullets
        3. Adding the Rounded Rectangle
      11. Cleaning Up the Slides
      12. Adding a Table
        1. Filling the Table Header Row
        2. Filling the Table Cells
      13. Fixing Spelling Errors
      14. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 2. Adding Media to Your Presentation
      1. Accessing Media Files
      2. Working with Still Photos in iPhoto
        1. Adding Photos
        2. Creating an Album
        3. Enhancing Photos
      3. Adding Photos to Slides
        1. Enhancing a Photo in Keynote
        2. Straightening a Photo
        3. Masking a Photo
      4. Adding Audio to a Slideshow
        1. Exporting a GarageBand Song
        2. Adding a Music Bed to Your Slideshow
      5. Using Video in a Slideshow
        1. Adding Video to iMovie
        2. Editing Video with iMovie
        3. Adding Transitions to Your Movie
        4. Optimizing a Video for Playback
        5. Adding Video to a Slide
        6. Duplicating a Slide
      6. Keeping Media with Your Presentation
      7. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 3. Animating and Viewing Your Presentation
      1. Creating Builds to Reveal Text
      2. Creating a Sequence Build to Reveal a Table
      3. Creating Interleaved Builds
      4. Creating a Smart Build
      5. Watching the Presentation So Far
      6. Creating Transitions Between Slides
      7. Indexing Your Presentation with Spotlight
      8. Configuring Preferences for Smooth Playback
        1. Freeing Up RAM
        2. Scaling Slides Up
        3. Preventing Transitions from Being Clipped
        4. Changing the Mouse Pointer Behavior
        5. Turning off Exposé and Dashboard During a Presentation
      9. Running Your Presentation
      10. Pausing and Resuming a Slideshow
      11. Troubleshooting Your Presentation
        1. If Transition or Build Effects Don’t Work
        2. If Slides Play Poorly
      12. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    4. 4. Converting a PowerPoint Presentation
      1. Importing a PowerPoint Presentation
      2. Animating the Title Slide
        1. Adding Multiple Builds
        2. Setting Simultaneous Builds
      3. Cleaning Up a Chart
        1. Updating Data
        2. Formatting Labels and Legends
      4. Enhancing a Chart
        1. Creating a 3D Line Chart
        2. Showing Labels and Gridlines
        3. Changing Chart Colors
      5. Animating a Chart
      6. Enhancing a Table
      7. Animating a Bar Chart
      8. Animating a Pie Chart
        1. Creating a 3D Pie Chart
        2. Adding Chart Colors
        3. Revealing Individual Wedges
      9. Changing the Style of a Chart
        1. Cleaning Up a Restyled Chart
        2. Animating an Area Chart
      10. Adding Content from a Word Document
      11. Adding Comments to a Presentation
      12. Rehearsing the Presentation
      13. Creating a Self-Running Slideshow
      14. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    5. 5. Working with Themes, Graphics, and Hyperlinks
      1. Preparing a Custom Theme
        1. Creating an Empty Theme
        2. Creating a Title Page
      2. Creating a Background and Formatting Text
      3. Creating a Photo Cutout with Photoshop and Keynote
        1. Using Photoshop to Create the PNG File
        2. Building the Keynote Slide Master
      4. Saving and Sharing Themes
      5. Applying a Custom Theme
      6. Adding Transparency to Artwork
      7. Masking Photos with Shapes
      8. Embedding a Web Page
      9. Embedding and Formatting QuickTime Movies
      10. Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation
        1. Adding a Menu
        2. Adding Navigation Icons
      11. Running a Presentation as a Kiosk
      12. Exporting to CD-ROM
      13. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    6. 6. Publishing and Giving Your Presentation
      1. Reviewing a Presentation with Light Table View
      2. Adding and Printing Presenter Notes
      3. Printing Handouts
      4. Exporting to QuickTime
      5. Exporting to PowerPoint
      6. Exporting to PDF
      7. Exporting Images
      8. Exporting to Flash
      9. Exporting to HTML
      10. Exporting to iPod
      11. Sending to iDVD
      12. Sending to iWeb
      13. Creating an Enhanced Audio Podcast Using GarageBand
      14. Sending to YouTube
      15. Giving Your Presentation with a Laptop
      16. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  5. Publishing with Pages
    1. 7. Word Processing
      1. Before You Start
      2. Launching Pages
      3. Choosing a Template
      4. Replacing Placeholder Text
      5. Formatting Text and Lists with Styles
      6. Adding Graphics to a Document
      7. Adjusting Margins in a Document
      8. Proofreading a Document
      9. Using Change Tracking
      10. Using Comments
      11. Creating Addressed Envelopes
      12. Adding a Table of Contents
      13. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 8. Creating a Newsletter
      1. Choosing a Newsletter Template
      2. Working with a Template
      3. Replacing Placeholder Text
      4. Editing Image Placeholders
      5. Cropping Images Using Masks
      6. Customizing Colors
      7. Laying Out More Pages
      8. Inserting a Page into a Layout
      9. Completing the Layout
      10. Exporting to PDF
      11. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 9. Creating a Marketing Package
      1. Assembling Project Assets
      2. Creating a Poster
        1. Selecting a Template
        2. Replacing Placeholder Text
        3. Changing Colors and Sizes
        4. Adding Artwork
        5. Saving Your Poster for Multiple Purposes
      3. Creating a Postcard
        1. Selecting a Template
        2. Designing the Card Front to Match the Poster
        3. Adding Text to the Postcard
        4. Repeating the Postcard
        5. Designing the Card Back
      4. Creating a One-Sheet
      5. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  6. Creating Spreadsheets with Numbers
    1. 10. Creating a Spreadsheet
      1. Before You Start
      2. Launching Numbers
      3. Choosing a Template
      4. Organizing Information
        1. Categorizing Information on Sheets
        2. Collecting Data in Tables
      5. Building the Spreadsheet
      6. Formatting the Table
        1. Using Header Rows and Columns
        2. Formatting Cells
        3. Using Table Styles
      7. Using Formulas and Functions
      8. Adding Media
      9. Printing Your Spreadsheet
      10. Exporting Your Spreadsheet
        1. Exporting a PDF File
        2. Exporting an Excel File
      11. Using Templates
      12. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 11. Creating an Event Planner
      1. Choosing a Template
      2. Adding Media to a Spreadsheet
        1. Adding Images
        2. Framing Objects
      3. Transferring Address Book Contacts to a Spreadsheet
      4. Editing Data in a Table
      5. Sorting Data in a Table
      6. Using Checkboxes, Steppers, and Sliders
      7. Modifying and Saving Table Styles
      8. Publishing with iWeb
      9. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  7. Integrating iWork ’08
    1. 12. Creating a Script, Storyboard, Budget, and Presentation
      1. Saving a Template for a Video Script in Pages
        1. Creating a Template
        2. Using a Script Template
      2. Prepare a Budget with Numbers
        1. Using Formulas and Instant Calculations
        2. Adding a Chart
      3. Creating a Storyboard Presentation
        1. Building the Storyboard Panels
        2. Building a Title Slide
      4. Moving a Chart from Numbers to Keynote
        1. Adding Consistent Transitions
      5. Publishing a Presentation to .Mac
      6. Creating a Storyboard Handout
      7. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 13. Creating a Three-Panel Brochure (Bonus Lesson)
      1. Choosing a Template
      2. Customizing the Template
        1. Adding the Yellow Banners
        2. Adding a Logo to the Page
        3. Modifying Text Boxes
      3. Adding Photos
        1. Replacing the Cover Image
        2. Replacing Additional Images
        3. Adding a Background Image
      4. Adding and Stylizing Text
        1. Creating and Redefining Text Styles
        2. Adding Images as Inline Objects
        3. Inserting Column Breaks
        4. Inserting Shaped Text Boxes
      5. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 14. For the Power User (Bonus Lesson)
      1. Exporting Images from Aperture
      2. Advanced Text Animation with LiveType
      3. Creating a Motion Background with LiveType
      4. Using QuickTime Pro to Optimize Content for Keynote
      5. Using Compressor to Optimize Content for Keynote
      6. Creating Animations with Transparency in Motion
      7. Preparing a Layered Photoshop File for Import into Keynote or Pages
      8. Exporting a Chart Animation for Final Cut Pro
      9. Printing at a Professional Facility
        1. Generating a High-Quality PDF from Pages
        2. Generating a PostScript File from Pages
      10. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  8. The Apple Pro Training Series
    1. The Apple Training Series