Chapter 12. Creating a Script, Storyboard, Budget, and Presentation

Lesson Files

Lessons > Lesson 12 > 12TDC Draft Script.pages

Lessons > Lesson 12 > Video Script.pages

Lessons > Lesson 12 > Storyboard Art

Lessons > Lesson 12 > tour_logo.eps

Lessons > Lesson 12 > RPLogo.tif


This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Use Pages to create a custom template for a video script

Use Numbers to prepare a budget report

Use Keynote to create a storyboard presentation

Use Pages to create a storyboard handout

Publish a presentation to .Mac

Use Pages to create a layout for a proposal

Computer users working in the film, television, and graphic design communities rely heavily on their Macs. If you look in most creative departments and design ...

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