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Apple Training Series: iLife ’08

Book Description

iLife 08
iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, iDVD

In the only Apple-certified guide to iLife '08, the authors have you working miracles with iLife within the first few pages. Featuring footage and images from around the world, this book/DVD combo uses real-life material and practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your own projects. Focused lessons take you step by step through all aspects of iLife '08--everything from organizing and sharing your  photo library to creating polished video and soundtracks. Along the way, you’ll produce podcasts, websites, blogs, video blogs, and custom DVDs.

  • Master the iLife suite of tools quickly through fun, real-world projects

  • Turn your photos into cards, picture books, calendars, or a web gallery

  • Add motion and sound to your slideshows, then publish them online

  • Create a polished video with transitions, music, and effects

  • Learn "Hollywood-style" techniques for making better videos

  • Build a soundtrack in GarageBand, and learn to score a simple movie

  • Publish Web sites, blogs, podcasts, and DVD menus with ease.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: Before starting the lessons in the book, visit www.peachpit.com/atsilife08 for important lesson file updates. 

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Getting Started
      1. What iLife Does for You
      2. The Methodology
        1. Section 1: Working with Photos
        2. Section 2: Creating Simple Movies
        3. Section 3: Composing and Arranging Music
        4. Section 4: Going Public
      3. A Word About the Lesson Content
      4. System Requirements
      5. Copying the iLife Lesson Files
      6. About the Apple Training Series
      7. Resources
    3. Working with Photos
      1. 1. Getting Pictures into iPhoto
        1. Shooting Pictures
          1. Getting the Right Shot
          2. Grasping the Technical Details
            1. Resolution
            2. Exposure
            3. Aperture
        2. Connecting Your Camera to iPhoto
          1. Preparing iPhoto to Import from a Camera
            1. Making the Connection
        3. Importing Pictures from a Camera or Card
          1. Importing Selected Pictures
          2. Importing Pictures from a Memory Card
        4. Importing Video from a Camera
        5. Importing Picture Files
        6. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      2. 2. Arranging Your Pictures
        1. Viewing Pictures
          1. Viewing Events
          2. Skimming Events
          3. Navigating the Viewing Pane
          4. Getting a Closer Look
          5. Browsing Your Entire Photo Library
        2. Organizing Your Events
          1. Choosing Meaningful Event Titles
          2. Adding Event Descriptions
          3. Selecting a Key Photo
          4. Splitting Events
          5. Merging Events
          6. Moving Pictures Between Events
          7. Reordering Events
        3. Building Picture Albums
          1. Making an Album from an Event
          2. Adding Pictures to an Album
          3. Removing Pictures from an Album
          4. Sorting Photos in an Album
          5. Arranging Photos by Content
          6. Creating Selections of Pictures with Albums
          7. Organizing Your Albums with Folders
          8. Reordering Albums
        4. Hiding and Discarding Pictures
          1. Hiding Unwanted Pictures
          2. Unhiding Pictures
          3. Discarding Pictures
          4. Restoring a Discarded Picture to Your Library
        5. Describing Your Pictures
          1. Changing the Title of a Picture in an Album
          2. Rating Your Pictures
          3. Assigning Descriptions to Pictures
          4. Assigning Keywords to Pictures
          5. Flagging Pictures in Your Library
        6. Searching Your iPhoto Library
          1. Searching with Text
          2. Searching by Date
          3. Searching by Keyword
          4. Searching by Rating
          5. Using Smart Albums
        7. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      3. 3. Editing Your Pictures
        1. Prepare for the Lesson
        2. Cropping Pictures
          1. Cropping a Video Frame
        3. Rotating and Straightening Pictures
          1. Changing a Picture’s Orientation
          2. Straightening Crooked Images
        4. Touching Up Pictures
          1. Retouching Your Pictures
        5. Applying Adjustments and Effects
          1. Using the Adjust Panel
          2. Adjusting Your Picture’s Color Cast
          3. Adjusting Exposure and Color Temperature
          4. Using iPhoto’s Effects Panel
        6. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      4. 4. Publishing Your Pictures
        1. Archiving Your Pictures
        2. Making a Slideshow
        3. Printing Pictures
        4. Ordering Prints
        5. Making a Greeting Card
        6. Creating a Calendar
        7. Assembling a Picture Book
          1. Filling the Book
          2. Adding Captions and Fine-Tuning the Book’s Layout
          3. Previewing Your Book
        8. Sharing Your Pictures on Your Network
          1. Viewing Shared Pictures on a Network
        9. Publishing a Web Gallery
          1. Viewing a Web Gallery
        10. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
    4. Creating Simple Movies
      1. 5. Assembling a Simple Movie
        1. Opening iMovie
        2. Importing Clips into the Event Library
          1. Understanding Events
          2. Understanding the Event Browser
        3. Skimming Video
        4. Arranging Clips in a Project
          1. Selecting Clips and Adding Them to the Project
          2. Reordering the Clips
        5. Trimming Clips
        6. Cropping a Clip
        7. Adding Clip Transitions
        8. Adding Background Music
        9. Adding Titles
        10. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      2. 6. Sharing a Movie
        1. Using iTunes to Share a Movie on Your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV
        2. Posting Your Movie on YouTube
          1. Getting iMovie to Talk to YouTube
          2. Uploading Your Movie
        3. Putting a Movie in Your .Mac Web Gallery
        4. Publishing a Movie to the iLife Media Browser
          1. Finding the Movies in the Media Browser
        5. Exporting a QuickTime Movie
        6. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      3. 7. Shooting and Importing: Movie-Making Basics
        1. Moving-Camera Techniques
          1. The Lingo of Motion
          2. Shooting Pans and Tilts
          3. Tracking
        2. Framing Your Shots
          1. When to Use—and Ignore—Zoom
          2. Getting Wide, Medium, and Close-Up Shots
        3. Recording Sound
        4. Getting Coverage in Your Scene
          1. Multiple Shots from Each Position
          2. Shots and Reverse Shots
          3. The Cutaway Shot
          4. The Establishing Shot
        5. Looking for Story Structure
        6. Getting Clips into iMovie
          1. Importing from a Digital Camcorder
          2. Importing Movies from iPhoto
          3. Capturing from an iSight
          4. Importing Movie Files
          5. Importing from iMovie HD
        7. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      4. 8. Editing Your Movie
        1. Preparing Your Project
        2. Organizing Your Workspace
        3. Skimming Your Video to Select Shots You Want
        4. Selecting Your Favorites
        5. Showing the Advanced Tools
        6. Rejecting Footage
          1. Retrieving Rejected Clips
        7. Using Keywords
          1. Keyword Filtering
        8. Assembling Your Edit
        9. Shaping the Narrative
        10. Extracting and Shifting Audio from Your Footage
          1. Extending Audio Over Cutaways
        11. Using a Variety of Shots
          1. Mastering Cutaway Shots
        12. Recording a Voiceover
        13. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      5. 9. Finishing Your Movie
        1. Preparing Your Project
        2. Trimming to Perfect Your Edit
          1. Using the Fine-Tuning Icons
          2. Getting Precise with Timecode
          3. Using the Trim Tool
        3. Adding Still Images to Your Movie
          1. Importing Still Images
        4. Rotating a Photo
        5. Using the Ken Burns Effect
        6. Creating a Still Image from Your Video
        7. Getting Creative with Transitions
          1. Avoiding the Cheese
        8. Correcting Color
        9. Adjusting Color to Create Effects
        10. Adding Titles and Credits
          1. Adjusting the Title Font
          2. Creating Dramatic End Titles
        11. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      6. 10. Working with Audio in iMovie
        1. Preparing Your Project
        2. Adjusting Audio Tracks and Sound Levels
          1. Normalizing Clip Volumes
          2. Mixing Your Sound with Audio Ducking
          3. Fading In and Fading Out
        3. Adding Sound Effects
          1. Stacking Multiple Audio Tracks in iMovie
          2. Sharing Your Project to the Media Browser
        4. Adding Music
          1. Adding Background Music
          2. Arranging Your Background Music Tracks
          3. Trimming Audio for Precision
          4. Adding Music as a Track for Greater Control
          5. Doing a Final Mix of Your Audio
            1. Taking Audio One Step Further
        5. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
    5. Composing and Arranging Music
      1. 11. Scoring an iMovie or QuickTime Video
        1. Creating a New Movie Score Project
        2. Working with Video Files in the Media Browser
          1. Previewing a Video File
          2. Importing a Video File from the Media Browser
        3. Preparing the Project for Scoring
          1. Viewing the Video
          2. Working with the Video’s Audio Track
          3. Adding and Editing Markers
          4. Project Tasks
        4. Building a Soundtrack in the Timeline
          1. Locking the Playhead
          2. Browsing and Adding Loops to the Project
          3. Extending a Loop Region
          4. Splitting a Loop Region
          5. Using a Software Instrument Loop
        5. Using Track Automation Curves
          1. Showing a Track’s Automation Curves
          2. Adding Control Points
        6. Monitoring Tracks
          1. Muting a Track
          2. Soloing a Track
          3. Project Tasks
        7. Working with a Software Instrument Loop
        8. Sharing a GarageBand Project
        9. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      2. 12. Recording a Podcast
        1. Creating a New Podcast Project
          1. Showing and Hiding the Podcast Track, Browser, and Editor
          2. Choosing Podcast Recording Equipment
          3. Exploring the Vocal Track Presets
          4. Project Tasks
          5. Working with Jingles and Sound Effects
        2. Editing the Podcast
          1. Adjusting a Recorded Track
          2. Importing a GarageBand Project
          3. Working with Automation Curves
        3. Working with Artwork and Markers
          1. Adding Artwork to the Media Browser
          2. Adding Episode Artwork to the Project
          3. Adding Artwork to the Podcast Track
          4. Resizing and Cropping Artwork
          5. Viewing Marker Information
          6. Adding a URL to a Marker
          7. Project Tasks
        4. Adding Episode Info to a Podcast
        5. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      3. 13. Creating Music with GarageBand
        1. Exploring Magic GarageBand
          1. Creating a Song with Magic GarageBand
          2. Customizing a Song with Magic GarageBand
        2. Exploring Tracks and Regions
          1. Real Instruments
          2. Software Instruments
        3. Recording a New Software Instrument Part
          1. Using the Onscreen Music Keyboard
          2. Working with Musical Typing
          3. Connecting a MIDI Instrument to the Computer
          4. Using the Arrange Track
          5. Recording Multiple Takes
          6. Changing a Track’s Instrument
        4. Working with Real Instruments
          1. What Are Real Instruments?
          2. Connecting Musical Instruments to Your Computer
          3. Adding a Real Instrument Track
          4. Setting Up Your Instrument
          5. Recording a Short Take
        5. Mixing and Effects
          1. Understanding Basic Mixing
          2. Working with the Track Mixer
          3. Adjusting Levels with the Volume Slider
          4. Reading the Level Meters
          5. Project Tasks
          6. Using the Pan Wheel
        6. Creating a Rough Mix
          1. Planning Your Volume Mix
          2. Mixing Volume Levels for Individual Tracks
          3. Project Tasks
        7. Sharing Your Finished Projects
          1. Sharing with iLife Applications
          2. Exporting Projects to iTunes
          3. Setting GarageBand Preferences for iTunes
          4. Evaluating the Song’s Output Level
          5. Sending a Song to iTunes
        8. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
    6. Going Public
      1. 14. Creating a Website
        1. Deciding the Site’s Purpose
        2. Choosing a Template
        3. Making the Homepage
          1. Adding a Shape
          2. Modifying the Header
          3. Adding Content to the Page
          4. Adorning the Page
          5. Finishing the Homepage
        4. Publishing the Site
          1. Publishing Your Website to .Mac
          2. Publishing Your Website to a Folder
        5. Adding and Linking New Pages
          1. Filling Out the Food and Drink Page
          2. Making the About Page
          3. Making the Store Page
          4. Making the Contact Page
        6. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      2. 15. Creating Blogs, Photo Pages, and Podcasts
        1. Building a Photo Page
          1. Customizing the Photos Page Template
          2. Adding Pictures and Other Content to the Page
          3. Fine-Tuning the Photo Page
        2. Building a Blog
          1. Adding the First Blog Entry
          2. Adding Another Blog Entry
          3. Making a Blog Entry into a Video Podcast
          4. Creating a Text-Only Entry
          5. Reviewing and Refining the Blog’s Layout
        3. Making a Podcast
          1. Adding the Podcast to iTunes
        4. Lesson Review
          1. Answers
      3. 16. Making a DVD
        1. Exploring iDVD
          1. Magic DVD
          2. OneStep DVD
        2. Exploring the iDVD Main Window
          1. DVD Menus
          2. Menu Buttons
          3. Aspect Ratios
          4. DVD Submenus
          5. Motion Menus
          6. Drop Zones
          7. Motion Button
        3. Building the Project
          1. Looking at the Navigation Map
        4. Switching Themes
        5. Editing Drop Zones
        6. Editing the Main Menu
        7. Previewing the DVD
        8. Modifying Menu Buttons
        9. Adding a Slideshow to the Project
        10. Publishing the DVD
        11. Lesson Review
          1. Answers