When iPhoto was introduced, it was described as the digital version of
the shoebox where you store all your photos.
iPhoto is a pretty amazing shoebox. It can store thousands upon thou-
sands of photos and help you organize them into memorable events
and special collections. It can recognize which photos show faces and
even identify those faces for you. It can help you track where you took
your pictures. It can improve your pictures with its powerful and easy-
to-use editing tools. It can send your pictures to a professional print-
ing service so you can order high-quality prints, photo greeting cards,
books, or calendars. It can create outstanding animated photo slide-
shows and web galleries of your pictures, so that your friends and fam-
ily or the whole world can enjoy them.
But before you can do all these wonderful things, you have to take your
photos and get them into the shoebox.
That’s what this lesson is about.
Lesson 1
Importing and
Organizing Your Photos

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