Chapter 3. Recording Music in GarageBand



Lesson Files

GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_03 > ClassicRockBallad01


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_03 > ClassicRockBallad02


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_03 > ClassicRockBallad03


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_03 > ClassicRockBallad04


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_03 > ClassicRockBallad05


This lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Choose a project template


Set up an Electric Guitar track


Tune a guitar in the LCD


Use a metronome and a drum track


Work with single-take and multiple-take recordings


Adjust guitar amps and stompboxes

GarageBand is powerful enough to record and mix a professional-sounding music demo, podcast, or video score, yet simple enough that anyone can use ...

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