Chapter 8

Fitness Fun: Whipping Yourself Into Shape With Apple Watch

In This Chapter

arrow Mastering the Activity app

arrow Navigating the Workout app

arrow Understanding personalized reminders, feedback, and rewards

arrow Reviewing your physical activity and earning rewards

arrow Using Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor

Fitness is one of the smartest applications on your smartwatch. Whether you’re trying to monitor your regular daily activity, you’re determined to lose weight, or you simply want to manage your workout regimes in an easy way, Apple Watch can handle it all. This is also true for athletes looking to maximize their training.

But how does this work, you ask?

Apple Watch and other smartwatches as well as dedicated activity trackers — like the Fitbit, Jawbone’s UP family, Nike’s FuelBand, Garmin’s vivofit, the Microsoft Band, and so on — have a built-in accelerometer to count your number of steps, like an old-fashioned pedometer. (Some activity trackers have a built-in altimeter or barometer sensor to ...

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