Application Delivery with DC/OS

Book description

Developers and ops engineers have their hands full today delivering scalable, interconnected, always-on applications that can be consumed on a wide range of platforms—all while dealing with a container-driven distributed architecture. This practical report explores a new technology that can greatly aid the process: DC/OS from Mesosphere, a distributed operating system for managing multiple datacenter machines as if they were a single computer.

Author Andrew Jefferson, VP Engineering at Tractable, demonstrates how the integrated set of software tools in DC/OS (Data Center Operating System) allows you to easily manage and run containerized apps and data services in production. You’ll learn how to automate resource management, facilitate inter-process communication, and simplify the installation and management of distributed services.

This report helps you:

  • Learn exactly what DC/OS is and how it helps you configure and automate interdependent applications across on machine clusters
  • Manage DC/OS clusters, and install and configure packages from Mesosphere’s Universe registry
  • Design and write applications to run on DC/OS, manage persistent state, and use service discovery
  • Learn how to run DC/OS in production—from scaling, deployment, and security to monitoring and intrusion detection
  • Discover the enterprise application architecture requirements that DC/OS addresses

Table of contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Why Do We Need Modern Enterprise Architecture?
    1. Highly Connected World
    2. Operations
    3. Application Development
    4. Hardware and Infrastructure
    5. Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science
    6. Business Value
      1. Vendor Lock-In
      2. Human Resources
      3. Control
      4. Regulatory and Statutory Requirements
    7. Chapter Conclusion: MEA Requirements
  3. 3. Understanding DC/OS
    1. Getting Started with DC/OS
    2. How DC/OS works
      1. Master Nodes
      2. Agent Nodes
      3. Mesos Tasks and Frameworks
      4. Mesos Attributes and Roles
      5. Other Mesos Functionality
      6. DC/OS Abstractions
      7. Other DC/OS Components
    3. DC/OS Packages
      1. Package Examples
    4. DC/OS CLI
  4. 4. Running Applications in DC/OS
    1. Marathon (for apps) and Metronome (for jobs)
      1. Containerization
      2. Alternative Platform Layers
      3. Marathon Pods
      4. Failure Handling in Marathon
      5. High Availability and Change Management in Marathon
      6. Other Marathon Features
  5. 5. Writing Applications to Run on DC/OS
    1. Service Discovery in DC/OS
      1. What Is Service Discovery?
      2. Service Discovery Using VIPs
      3. Service Discovery with Mesos DNS
      4. Other Service Discovery Options
    2. Managing Persistent State in DC/OS
      1. Local Persistent Volumes
    3. External Persistent Volumes
      1. Other External Storage
      2. Storage Packages
    4. Publishing Applications and Services
      1. High Availability and Load-Balancing External Services
    5. Section Conclusion: Example Applications on DC/OS
  6. 6. Operating DC/OS in Production
    1. Scaling
      1. Scaling a DC/OS Cluster
      2. Scaling Masters
      3. Capacity Planning
    2. Dynamic Workloads
      1. Batch Processing
    3. Multidatacenter DC/OS Configuration
    4. Deployment
      1. Deploying a Marathon Application
      2. Application Configuration
      3. Deploying an Application Update with a Breaking Interface Change
    5. Deploying a DC/OS Package
      1. The DC/OS Package Universe
      2. Package Configuration
      3. Updating a Package
    6. Security in DC/OS
      1. Secure Networking
      2. Administrative Access and Authentication
      3. Monitoring and Intrusion Detection
      4. Adding SSL
      5. Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS
    7. Disaster Planning and Business Continuity
      1. Durability of Data in DC/OS
      2. Recovering DC/OS After a Disaster
  7. 7. Implications of Using DC/OS
    1. How DC/OS Addresses Enterprise Application Architecture Requirements
      1. Operational Benefits of DC/OS
      2. Development Benefits of DC/OS
      3. MEA Requirements
    2. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: Application Delivery with DC/OS
  • Author(s): Andrew Jefferson
  • Release date: May 2017
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491983447