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Application Development with Swift 2

Video Description

Learn how to create engaging, visually impressive applications for iOS with Swift 2

About This Video

  • Develop an engaging, feature-rich application for iOS devices that you can use as an example to develop your own projects

  • Explore the key components of application development with Swift 2: Xcode, Storyboards, Tableviews, and more

  • Even if you’re a newcomer, you’ll find this course accessible, and you’ll learn about the Swift language through examples along the way

  • In Detail

    Swift 2 is the latest iteration of Apple's native programming language for iOS devices. If you're an aspiring iOS application developer who is looking to build apps for the App Store, you'll need to use Swift. The language boasts a vast wealth of SDKs and APIs to create applications that span from mobile to games, home automation, and its own wearable products such as the Apple Watch, meaning the sky is the limit for imaginative app developers.

    Application Development with Swift 2 will show you how to turn your application ideas into reality. This course teaches you how to start developing applications for iOS by building a real iOS application with Swift 2.

    We will begin by setting up with Xcode 7 before quickly jumping into building the user interface and making use of Storyboards. We'll look at many ways to enhance the user experience by implementing buttons, images, and text fields, and displaying data with Tableviews.

    You will discover the power of protocols, delegation, and notifications to make your application professional and look at ways to persist user data. After that, you will see how we can stylize the application with colors, application icons, and a launch screen.

    Application Development with Swift 2 will guide you through each step of the build process, giving you the tools and skills you need to create your own applications in the future.