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Application Development with Spring 5.0 and Angular 6

Video Description

Explore the power of Spring 5.0 with Java to create your own real-world and enterprise-level applications

About This Video

  • A practical guide that provides everything that a developer needs to know about building a web application using Spring 5.0
  • A hands-on, practical approach to effective learning
  • Real-world projects and scenarios to understand concepts in a better way

In Detail

Spring 5.0 comes with enhanced features and components and this course will help you leverage them. Core Spring Framework features can be used to develop any Java application, and it can be described as a complete and modular framework. The Spring Framework can be used for all layer implementations for real-time applications. It can also be used to develop a particular layer, or we can develop all layers.

You'll hit the ground running by developing a couple of basic server-side search and shopping applications using the various features of Spring 5.0 with Java. You'll then explore the frontend development process for your applications using Angular 6.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to develop your own application using the power of Spring 5.0.

The code bundle for this video course is available at- https://github.com/PacktPublishing/-Application-Development-with-Spring-5.0-Angular-6