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Applications of Statistical Learning with Python

Video Description

Turn practical hands-on projects such as language processing, computer vision, sentiment analysis, and text processing into useful application in Python to take your skills to another level!

About This Video

  • Solid examples to help you wrap your head around the application of statistical modeling using Python
  • Filled with real-world, practical examples that show you how to jump in and start building effective prediction models
  • Covers the important concepts such sentiment analysis and test processing with the help of Python

In Detail

Scientists have been increasingly using Python for data analysis tasks such as natural language processing and computer vision, and a new wave of modules and packages, make programming these tasks easier than ever. In this course, you’ll dive into Natural Language Processing and get familiar with the NLTK package. This video course is filled with real-world, practical examples that show you Python’s true power as a programming language for data analysis.

You’ll learn to read text in documents using different models, and employ sentiment analysis to predict the author’s intent. You’ll also see how to employ Python to read images and for computer vision. Once you’ve learned to employ specific Python packages and syntax for these tasks, you’ll explore case studies that put forth solid real-world examples on spam filtering and analyzing human emotions through a dictionary of images.

The code bundle for this video course is available at : https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Applications-of-Statistical-Learning-with-Python