Accounting for FX translation, 5759

Accumulated other comprehensive income (AOCI), 57

Adventure & Recreation Technologies, Inc. (ART), 123134

Altria Group, Inc., 78, 114

Amherst Controls Co., 7677, 7880

American Bio Products Company, 32

AOCI. See Accumulated other comprehensive income

Applied Materials’ Yen Debt, 73

ART. See Adventure and Recreation Technologies, Inc.

At-market swap, 98

Back-to-back loans, 100102

Barcelona Supply AG, 58, 59

Browning Imports Co., 81

Business value, 3940, 4243


Adventure & Recreation Technologies, Inc., 123134

Cash flow hedge, 77

Chestnut Co., 114115

Competitive FX exposure, 2532

Constant growth model, 39

Cross-currency swap, 98

CTA. See Cumulative translation adjustment

Cumulative translation ...

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