Architecture and Patterns for IT Service Management, Resource Planning, and Governance, 2nd Edition

Book description

Information technology supports efficient operations, enterprise integration, and seamless value delivery, yet itself is too often inefficient, un-integrated, and of unclear value. This completely rewritten version of the bestselling Architecture and Patterns for IT Service Management, Resource Planning and Governance retains the original (and still unique) approach: apply the discipline of enterprise architecture to the business of large scale IT management itself. Author Charles Betz applies his deep practitioner experience to a critical reading of ITIL 2011, COBIT version 4, the CMMI suite, the IT portfolio management literature, and the Agile/Lean IT convergence, and derives a value stream analysis, IT semantic model, and enabling systems architecture (covering current topics such as CMDB/CMS, Service Catalog, and IT Portfolio Management). Using the concept of design patterns, the book then presents dozens of visual models documenting challenging problems in integrating IT management, showing how process, data, and IT management systems must work together to enable IT and its business partners. The edition retains the fundamental discipline of traceable process, data, and system analysis that has made the first edition a favored desk reference for IT process analysts around the world. This best seller is a must read for anyone charged with enterprise architecture, IT planning, or IT governance and management.

  • Lean-oriented process analysis of IT management, carefully distinguished from an IT functional model
  • Field-tested conceptual information model with definitions and usage scenarios, mapped to both the process and system architectures
  • Integrated architecture for IT management systems
  • Synthesizes Enterprise Architecture, IT Service Management, and IT Portfolio Management in a practical way

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. List of Figures
  7. List of Tables
  8. Foreword I
  9. Foreword II
  10. Preface
    1. An Architecture for IT Itself
  11. Author Biography
  12. Chapter 1. IT in a World of Continuous Improvement
    1. Publisher Summary
    2. What Is “Information Technology”?
    3. What Is an IT Service?
    4. What Is Lean?
    5. What Is IT Value?
    6. What Is Lean IT?
    7. Conclusion
    8. Further Reading
  13. Chapter 2. Architecture Approach
    1. Publisher Summary
    2. The production of IT services
    3. IT Value chains, streams, and processes
    4. The IT management functions
    5. The information architecture of IT management
    6. A Supporting systems architecture for IT management
    7. The matrices
    8. Conclusion
  14. Chapter 3. Patterns for the IT Processes
    1. Publisher Summary
    2. IT Process Principles
    3. Accept Demand Patterns
    4. Execute Project Patterns
    5. Deliver Release Patterns
    6. Complete Change Patterns
    7. Fulfill Service Request Patterns
    8. Deliver Transactional Service Patterns
    9. Restore Service Patterns
    10. Improve Service Patterns
    11. Retire Service Patterns
    12. Conclusion
  15. Chapter 4. Patterns for the IT Lifecycles
    1. Publisher Summary
    2. The Application Service Lifecycle
    3. The IT Infrastructure Service Lifecycle
    4. The Technology Product Lifecycle
    5. The IT Asset Lifecycle
    6. General Patterns for IT Portfolio Management
    7. Epilogue
  16. Appendix A. Extended Definitions for the IT Architectural Catalogs
    1. IT Lifecycle Definitions
    2. IT Process Definitions
    3. IT Function Definitions
    4. IT Data Definitions
    5. IT Management Systems Definitions
  17. Appendix B. Fundamentals of Computing for the Business Professional
  18. Appendix C. Production and Services
    1. On “producing” services
  19. References
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Architecture and Patterns for IT Service Management, Resource Planning, and Governance, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Charles T. Betz
  • Release date: November 2011
  • Publisher(s): Morgan Kaufmann
  • ISBN: 9780123850188