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Architecture from Commission to Construction

Book Description

This book provides an in-depth study of the design and construction processes behind 25 leading contemporary buildings. Covering a broad range of international projects, the book illustrates the working methods and creative concerns of both long-established and emerging international architects.

Every stage of each project is included, from the demands of the original brief, through early sketches and design development to investigation of building regulations and collaboration with engineers, contractors, builders, and clients. Each project is presented through an explanatory overview, sketches, details, CAD renderings, models, and construction shots, all captioned in great technical detail.

Architecture from Commission to Construction offers both students and professional architects an inspiring and informative overview of how today's major architectural projects are designed and built.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. 2012Architecten – Villa Welpeloo, Enschede, The Netherlands, 2009
  7. Agence JouinManku – YTL Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2008
  8. Asymptote: Hani Rashid + Lise Anne Couture – The Yas Marina Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2009
  9. Baumschlager Eberle – Nordwesthaus, Fussach, Austria, 2008
  10. Behnisch Architekten – Ozeaneum, Stralsund, Germany, 2008
  11. Benthem Crouwel Architekten – Etrium, Cologne, Germany, 2008
  12. David Chipperfield Architects with Julian Harrap – Neues Museum, Museum Island, Berlin, Germany, 2009
  13. Duangrit Bunnag Architect Ltd (DBALP) – The Hotel Cha Am, Cha Am, Petchaburi, Thailand, 2009
  14. Eldridge Smerin – House at No. 85 Swain’s Lane, London, UK, 2008
  15. von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Architects (gmp), in cooperation with Ibhola Lethu Consortium (ILC) – Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa, 2009
  16. Guinée *Potin – Ecomusée du Pays de Rennes, Rennes, France, 2009
  17. Haworth Tompkins – The Dovecote Studio, Snape Maltings, Suffolk, UK, 2009
  18. Heatherwick Studio – UK Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010, China, 2010
  19. KieranTimberlake – Loblolly House, Chesapeake Bay, USA, 2006
  20. LOT-EK – Weiner Townhouse, New York City, USA, 2008
  21. Mecanoo – La Llotja de Lleida, Lleida, Spain, 2010
  22. Mi5 Arquitectos – New Youth Centre in Rivas Vaciamadrid, Madrid, Spain, 2009
  23. Peter Rich Architects with Michael Ramage and John Ochsendorf – Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre, Mapungubwe National Park, Limpopo Province, South Africa, 2010
  24. Pugh + Scarpa Architects – Step Up on Fifth, Santa Monica, California, USA, 2009
  25. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) – Bodegas Protos, Peñafiel, Valladolid, Spain, 2008
  26. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) – Maggie’s London, UK, 2008
  27. Ron Arad Associates – Design Museum Holon, Israel, 2010
  28. Saunders Architecture – Long Studio, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada, 2011
  29. Shigeru Ban Architects with Jean de Gastines and Philip Gumuchdjian – Centre Pompidou-Metz (CPM), Metz, France, 2010
  30. Studio Gang Architects – Brick Weave House, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2008
  31. Index
  32. Project Credits
  33. Picture Credits