Chapter    13

Uninvited Guest

“Temperature in the compartment is reading 74 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Cade.

Elle verified the sensor reading on the laptop screen, scooping up the Arduino gizmo she and Cade had assembled and left sitting on the floor of Level 3. Above her head, the hatch seal between Level 3 and Level 4 was closed.

Cade climbed up from Level 2 to join his friend, staring up at the closed hatch seal.

Andrew’s voice echoed from the small wall-mounted speaker in the compartment. “No vacuum and no fire in the Level 4 emergency escape tube. Proceed immediately to Level 5.”


The hatch seal above the students opened quickly, allowing them to see all the way up to the Level 5 compartment.

“You go first, Cade,” said Elle. “I’ll ...

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