Chapter 11

Common Sense with Common Sensors


check Learning about sensors

check Understanding the complexities of different inputs

check Paying the right amount

check Knowing where to use sensors

check Wiring some examples

In my experience of teaching, I often find that when people first have an idea, they get caught up in how to carry it out using a specific piece of hardware they’ve found instead of focusing on what they want to achieve. If Arduino is a toolbox with the potential of solving numerous problems, using the right tool for the right job is key.

If you go to any Arduino-related site, you’re likely to see a list of sensors, and finding the right ones for your project can be a baffling. A common next step is to search the web for projects similar to the one you want to do to see what other people have built. Their efforts and successes can be a great source of inspiration and knowledge, but they can also plunge you into a black hole of too many possible solutions as well as solutions ...

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