3.5. SUMMARY 73
digitalWrite(right_turn_signal, HIGH); //turn LED on
delay(500); //delay 500 ms
digitalWrite(left_turn_signal, LOW); //turn LED off
digitalWrite(right_turn_signal, LOW); //turn LED off
analogWrite(left_motor, 0); //turn motor off
analogWrite(right_motor,0); //turn motor off
Testing the control algorithm: It is recommended that the algorithm be first tested without
the entire robot platform. This may be accomplished by connecting the three IR sensors and LEDS
to the appropriate pins on the Arduino UNO R3 as specified in Figure 3.4. In place of the two
motors and their interface circuits, two LEDs with the required interface circuitry may be used.
The LEDs will illuminate to indicate the motors would be on during different test scenarios. Once
this algorithm is fully tested in this fashion, the Arduino UNO R3 may be mounted to the robot
platform and connected to the motors. Full up testing in the maze may commence. Enjoy!
In this chapter, we discussed the design process, related tools, and applied the process to a real world
design. As previously mentioned, this design example will be periodically revisited throughout the
text. It is essential to follow a systematic, disciplined approach to embedded systems design to
successfully develop a prototype that meets established requirements.
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