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Art Escapes

Book Description

Inspire your creative spirit - everyday! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, Art Escapes provides the ideas and encouragement you need to discover greater creativity and artistic confidence, even when you're short on time. Professional artist and instructor Dory Kanter shows you how to: Experience more fun and greater confidence drawing and painting Express yourself and experiment everyday with an art journal Reinterpret daily life with simple, beautiful sketches Find painting inspiration in unexpected places Paint freely, intuitively and passionately with a simple four-step approach Create new forms of art, including watercolor mosaics, paper weavings and found object collages You'll also find 13 drawing, watercolor, mixed media, and assemblage projects, plus several "page-a-day" ideas. With Art Escapes, you'll learn how to build an art "habit," one that brings joy with every stroke of your brush.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Secrets to Successful Artistic Journaling
  7. 1: Assemble Your Supplies for Creativity
    1. Sketchbook Portfolio
    2. Demonstration: Make a Sketchbook Portfolio
    3. Drawing Tool Kit
    4. Collage Tool Kit
    5. Watercolor Tool Kit
    6. Demonstration: Make Your Own Tool Kits
  8. 2: Have Fun and Keep It Simple
    1. One Minute Drawings
    2. Open Page Format
    3. Don't Bother With Erasing—Who’s Got Time?
    4. Turn One Minute Drawings Into Paintings
    5. Look What Just Three Colors Can Do!
    6. First Paint, Then Draw
    7. Prismatic Painting
    8. Demonstration: Create a Prismatic Painting
    9. Paint Past the Photo
    10. Demonstration: Paint Past the Photo
  9. 3: Opportunities for Everyday Creative Moments
    1. Creative Doodling
    2. The Creative Matrix
    3. Make a Creative Matrix This Weekend
    4. Matrix Categories to Get You Started
    5. Windowpane Painting
    6. Demonstration: Don’t Just Shop for Dinner
    7. Room With a View
    8. Demonstration: Capture Simplicity and Sophistication
    9. Travel Art Tips
    10. Observation Icons
    11. Demonstration: Create an Observation Icon
  10. 4: Putting It All Into Perspective
    1. Bird’s-Eye View
    2. Demonstration: Make a Garden
    3. Piazza Perspective
    4. Demonstration: Paint With Perspective
    5. Leave Out a Ground
    6. Make Seven Paintings From One Landscape
    7. Panoramic Perspective
    8. Demonstration: Make a Panoramic Viewfinder
    9. Demonstration: Create a Folded Frame for Your Panoramas
    10. The Sensory Perspective
  11. 5: Art Assemblage, Collage & Other Inspiring Ideas
    1. Watercolor Mosaics
    2. Use Black or Colored Backgrounds
    3. Add Texture Using Special Effects
    4. Demonstration: Dry Mount Glue Technique
    5. Painted Paper Cutouts
    6. Demonstration: Create a Colorful Background Blanket
    7. Paper Weaving
    8. Weave a Wavy Memory
    9. Weave Two Themes Into One Subject
    10. Crinkled Paper Collage
    11. Demonstration: Rich Color and Texture
    12. Found Object Collage
  12. 6: Let's Go Outside and Paint!
    1. Inspiration: The First Step
    2. Shape Plan: The Second Step
    3. Value Plan: The Third Step
    4. Using a Red Filter to See Values
    5. Moving From Landscape to Painting
    6. Color: The Fourth Step
    7. Capture the Mood With Color Triads
    8. Triads Have Personality!
    9. Get to Know the Full-Spectrum Triad
    10. Get to Know the Earth Triad
    11. Demonstration: Use the Earth Triad
    12. Get to Know the Water Triad
    13. Get to Know the Sun Triad
    14. My Color Palette
    15. Perfect Complements Create Perfect Blacks
    16. The Palette Layout
  13. Conclusion: Be an Art Explorer