Index and Glossary

Some Men pretend to understand a Bookby scouting thro’ the Index:as if a Traveller should go about to describe a Palacewhen he had seen nothing but the Privy.

— JONATHAN SWIFT, Mechanical Operation of the Spirit (1704)

When an index entry refers to a page containing a relevant exercise, see also the answer to that exercise for further information. An answer page is not indexed here unless it refers to a topic not included in the statement of the exercise.

(), 164, see Identity permutation.

0-2-trees, 317.

oriented, 398.

0-origin indexing, 254, 282, 299301, 305306.

2-d trees, 564.

γ (Euler’s constant), 75, 107, 114, 619620.

π (circle ratio), 21, 619620.

as “random” example, 397.

Wallis’s product for, 52, 116.

φ (golden ratio), ...

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