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Articulate Storyline 2: The Essentials

Book Description

This hands-on, step-by-step workbook will teach you the essential Storyline skills necessary for you to create effective, interactive eLearning courses on your own. This book, which most people can finish in a few short days, contains tons of activities and supporting screen shots. There are also challenge exercises (Confidence Checks) that will put your new-found skills to the test. You’ll learn how to create projects from scratch, how to work with slides, add shapes, and how to add and format text, images, and characters. There are lessons that will teach you how to add interactivity to slides via buttons, triggers, text entry areas, and hotspots. Learn about variables and how they allow you to create personalized eLearning. Enhance the learner experience by recording, importing, and editing audio. Gauge the effectiveness of your eLearning by adding quizzes. Then you’ll publish Storyline projects for the widest possible audience. This book features: ~ All of the Articulate Storyline projects, images, audio files, and other assets to get started (Just download the Storyline free 30-day trial software from the Articulate website and jump in!) ~ Dozens of step-by-step, hands-on activities ~ Confidence Checks to challenge your new skills ~ Hundreds of supporting screen shots

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. Title page
  4. Contents
  5. About This Book
    1. The Authors
    2. Book Conventions
    3. Confidence Checks
    4. Book and Storyline System Requirements
    5. Storyline Projects and Assets (Data Files)
      1. Download Data Files
    6. How Software Updates Affect This Book
    7. Contacting IconLogic
  6. Preface
    1. Planning eLearning Projects
    2. Budgeting eLearning Projects
    3. eLearning Development Phases
    4. eLearning Development Process
    5. Designing Storyline Slides
    6. Fonts and Learning
    7. Scripts
    8. Storyboarding for Soft Skills
  7. Module 1: Exploring Storyline
    1. The Storyline Interface
      1. Explore a Finished Storyline Project
      2. Explore Slides and Panels
      3. Zoom and Magnify
      4. Explore Panels
    2. Previewing
      1. Preview the Entire Project
  8. Module 2: Creating Projects
    1. Scenes
      1. Create a New Project
    2. Themes
      1. Apply a Theme
    3. Master Slides
      1. Apply a Content Master Slide
    4. Content Slides
      1. Insert New Slides
      2. Create a New Content Master Slide
      3. Apply a Different Master Slide Layout to a Slide
    5. PowerPoint Integration
      1. Import Content From PowerPoint
  9. Module 3: Add Content
    1. Text Boxes
      1. Create and Format a Text Box
      2. Work with a List
    2. Images
      1. Add an Image to a Slide
    3. Shapes
      1. Add a Shape to a Slide
      2. Customize a Shape
    4. Characters
      1. Insert a Character
    5. Captions
      1. Insert a Caption
  10. Module 4: Interactivity
    1. Buttons
      1. Add Buttons to Slides
    2. States
      1. Change Button States
    3. Layers
      1. Create Layers
    4. Text Entry Fields
      1. Insert a Text Entry Field
  11. Module 5: Triggers and Hotspots
    1. Triggers
      1. Delete Default Triggers
      2. Add a Trigger to a Button
      3. Hide Player Buttons
      4. Add Triggers to Layers
      5. Add a Hide Layer Trigger
      6. Add a Slide Trigger
      7. Add a Conditional Trigger
      8. Edit a Trigger
    2. Hotspots
      1. Add a Hotspot and Lightbox Trigger
  12. Module 6: Variables
    1. Variables
      1. Manage a Variable
      2. Reference a Variable
      3. Create a Variable
      4. Manipulate a Variable with a Trigger
      5. Create a True/False Variable
      6. Create a Trigger to Change a True/False Variable
      7. Add a Condition to an Existing Trigger
      8. Play Audio with a Conditional Trigger
      9. Add a Condition to a Button
  13. Module 7: Audio, Animation, and Video
    1. Adding Audio
      1. Add Voiceover Audio to a Slide
      2. Change Slide Audio
      3. Edit Slide Audio
      4. Add Silence
    2. Recording Audio
      1. Record Voiceover Audio
    3. Adding Animation
      1. Control Object Timing
      2. Animate an Object
      3. Control Animation Options
    4. Adding Video
      1. Insert Video
      2. Delay Object Start Times
      3. Trim Video
      4. Animate a Video
    5. Adding Transitions
      1. Add a Slide Transition
  14. Module 8: Quizzes
    1. Quizzing
      1. Insert a Multiple Choice Slide
      2. Insert a Matching Drag-and-Drop Slide
      3. Insert a Freeform Drag and Drop Quiz Slide
      4. Insert a Quiz Result Slide
  15. Module 9: Recording and Publishing
    1. Recording Screen Actions
      1. Rehearse a Script
      2. Record a Video
    2. Player Settings
      1. Edit Player Properties
      2. Reorder Slides and Edit Triggers
    3. Publishing
      1. Publish Course Content