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Articulate Storyline 2: Beyond The Essentials

Book Description

If you read our “Articulate Storyline 2: The Essentials” book, then you already know how to plan eLearning projects, create Storyline projects from scratch, record screen actions, add interactivity, work with hotspots and triggers, add audio, work with variables, add quizzes, and publish content. So what else could there possibly be to learn about Articulate Storyline? Think custom themes and templates. Think custom navigation. Think gamification! Done thinking? We’re not… think video controls and custom slides, random quizzes, and incorporating JavaScript. During this step-by-step workbook, you’ll learn about adding accessibility, and reporting to a Learning Management System. Master Articulate Storyline using IconLogic’s proven “skills and drills” approach to learning. This book features: ~ All of the Articulate Storyline projects, images, audio files, and other assets to get started (Just download the Storyline free 30-day trial software from the Articulate website and jump in!) ~ Dozens of step-by-step, hands-on activities ~ Confidence Checks to challenge your new skills ~ Hundreds of supporting screen shots

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. About This Book
    1. The Authors
    2. Book Conventions
    3. Confidence Checks
    4. Book and Storyline System Requirements
    5. Storyline Projects and Assets (Data Files)
    6. Download Data Files
    7. How Software Updates Affect This Book
    8. Contacting IconLogic
  6. Module 1: Themes & Templates
    1. Themes
      1. Create a Theme
      2. Format a Master Slide
      3. Create Layouts
      4. Save a Theme
      5. Load a Theme
    2. Templates
      1. Add Slide Navigation to the Slide Master
      2. Create Variables
      3. Add Triggers for a Progress Indicator
      4. Create and Use a Template
  7. Module 2: Custom Navigation
    1. Motion Paths
      1. Preview a Completed Custom Menu
      2. Create a Motion Path
      3. Change Motion Path Options
      4. Change the Duration of a Motion Path
      5. Add a Second Motion Path to an Object
    2. Triggers and Motion Paths
      1. Delete Specific Triggers
      2. Edit “When” a Trigger Occurs
    3. Triggers and States
      1. Add Triggers that Reset Motion Paths
      2. Copy and Edit a Trigger
      3. Add Triggers that Disable States
      4. Add Triggers that Enable States
    4. Triggers and Layers
      1. Add a Trigger to Show a Layer
  8. Module 3: Gamification
    1. Engaging the Learner with Games
      1. Preview a Completed Project
    2. Media and Hover States
      1. Start and Stop Media
      2. Change the Hover State
    3. Conditional Triggers and States
      1. Make a Trigger Conditional
      2. Show Layers Conditionally
      3. Hide Objects Using States
      4. Adjust a Variable
      5. Change a State Based on When
      6. Calculate a Score
      7. Adjust Variables Dynamically
  9. Module 4: Video Control and Sliders
    1. Advanced Video Control
      1. Work with Web Objects
      2. Edit Video Parameters
    2. Cue Points
      1. Add Cue Points to the Timeline
      2. Add Triggers Based on Cue Points
      3. Change a Character’s State Based on Time
    3. Sliders
      1. Insert and Format a Slider
      2. Set Slider Values
      3. Add Triggers to a Slider
  10. Module 5: Advanced Quizzing
    1. Question Properties
      1. Modify Drag and Drop Questions
      2. Add an Image as Question Feedback
    2. Remediation
      1. Set Remediation
    3. Importing Question Data
      1. Import Questions From a File
    4. Random Quizzes
      1. Create a Random Quiz
    5. Quiz Result Redirection
      1. Redirect a Quiz
  11. Module 6: Extending Storyline
    1. JavaScript
      1. Execute a Print JavaScript
      2. Save Variables To a Text File with JavaScript
  12. Module 7: Accessibility and Reporting
    1. Accessibility
      1. Make an Image Accessible
      2. Control Accessibility Visibility
    2. Tab Order
      1. Edit the Tab Order
    3. Keys
      1. Add a Keyboard Shortcut to a Button
    4. Closed Captioning
      1. Add Closed Captions
    5. Reporting
      1. Upload a Project to an LMS
  13. Index