Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone US)

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Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone!

Hear Dr. Raja Sooriamurthi, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, talk on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how the combined advances in hardware, software, and communication over the past few decades form the basis of our current disruptive age of Data. Massive amounts of data (terabytes and beyond) are available in a range of domains: science, commerce, finance, healthcare, social media, real-time sensors etc. At historically unprecedented levels we are able to collect, transmit, curate, and process huge amounts of data at enormous speeds resulting in our ability to do ongoing tasks better and to do tasks we couldn’t do before. Data, like fossils, tells us something about the past. The premise is that past patterns are predictive of future behavior. For example, a casino may want to identify whether there is a certain group of customers from which more business occurs. A cell phone company may want to know if there is a risk of customers leaving for another carrier. In this talk, we will discuss various analytic tasks that facilitate such actionable insights such as prediction, optimization, recommendation, classification, clustering, etc.

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  • Title: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone US)
  • Author(s): Dr. Raja Sooriamurthi
  • Release date: January 2020
  • Publisher(s): Technics Publications
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