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Artificial Intelligence Basics

Video Description

Learn about the exciting field of artificial intelligence (AI) in this eight-part video series covering these topics:

  • Philosophy of AI. This first clip in this AI video series introduces you to the world of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • History of AI. This second clip in this AI video series explores the past of AI and how we have arrived at where we are today in the AI field. Charles Babbage invented the difference engine, Alan Turing invented the “Turing Machine”, Arthur Samuel created the first machine learning program, Ray Solomonoff created the foundation for a mathematical theory of AI, and others have played a large role as well. Learn how IBM’s Deep Blue and Google’s Deep Mind have influenced the AI space.
  • Alan Turing. This third clip in this AI video series discusses genius Alan Turing and his influence on the AI space with a number of his inventions including the Turing Machine.
  • Neural Nets and Deep Learning. This fourth clip in this AI video series explores neural networks and deep learning and their use cases. Tensorflow is also explored.
  • Self-driving Cars. This fifth clip in this AI video series explores self-driving cars, including their implications and impacts.
  • AI Games. This sixth clip in this AI video series covers AI games including the chess engine.
  • Risk of AI. This seventh clip in this AI video series explores the dangers of AI.
  • AI Optimism. This eighth clip in this AI video series explores the positive areas where AI can help us, including in health, art, and leisure.

Table of Contents

  1. Philosophy of AI 00:03:15
  2. History of AI 00:07:17
  3. Alan Turing 00:07:22
  4. Neural Nets and Deep Learning 00:07:37
  5. Self-driving Cars 00:01:48
  6. AI Games 00:18:20
  7. Risk of AI 00:09:38
  8. AI Optimism 00:11:31